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Gear sets are being added in Update 1.1 and we were lucky that Ubisoft released a picture of them early. Now we can assess the bonuses and see which of the 4 sets we want to get right away.

It appears as though there will be bonuses for having 2, 3, and 4 pieces of the gear set equipped. This may be different in-game and may require having more pieces of gear. The three levels of bonuses requirement for each gear set will remain the same.

Striker’s Battlegear

  • Set Bonus 2: 20% Enemy Armor Damage
  • Set Bonus 3: 100% Critical Hit Damage
  • Set Bonus 4: Talent | Shooter – Every consecutive hit deals 1% more damage. Stacks up to 100%. Missing shots drops bonus by 2%. Bonus is reduced by 1% every second.

With these three bonuses, it looks like light machine guns (LMGs) and sub-machine guns (SMGs) will reign supreme with this set.

LMG players will be able to shoot for a very long time, shred through enemy armor, all while gaining bonus damage for hitting shots. If your LMG has bonus accuracy, it will make it much easier to be able to boost up the Shooter talent to deal the most damage possible. Players who build as a tank could use LMGs on the front line with increased threat and accuracy to keep teammates safe, while still being able to contribute damage.

SMG players could also benefit from this kit. Most SMGs have bonus critical hit change and will greatly benefit from the 100% critical hit damage bonus. The Shooter bonus can be utilized as well with the fast fire rate and reload speed that SMGs have. Although SMGs may struggle with shredding through armor.

Path of the Nomad

  • Set Bonus 2: 50% Scavenging
  • Set Bonus 3: +20% Health on Kill
  • Set Bonus 4: Talent | Nomad – When receiving fatal damage, you are instead healed to full health. Can occur once every 10 minutes.

This is definitely the lone wolf gear set that the developers talked about during their stream. Using this gear set will allow players who play alone to be effective in their gameplay. This gear set could still be used to play with friends if you’re having trouble staying alive. The Nomad talent will literally be a life saver in those tough situations. Just be careful, as the talent can only be used once every 10 minutes.

To be quite frank, this gear set may get completely overlooked by most players. It will likely only be used if they don’t have other gear sets already completed.

Tactician’s Authority

  • Set Bonus 2: +4,000 Skill Power
  • Set Bonus 3: +20% Skill Haste
  • Set Bonus 4: Talent | Tactician’s Authority – Every 60k (thousand) damage your group deals adds 1% skill power to you for a max of 100% bonus. Bonus is reduced by 1% every second the group isn’t dealing damage.

Medics and demolitions buffs will greatly benefit from the Tactician’s Authority gear set.

Adding skill power and skill haste (cooldown reduction) will allow medics to be able to heal more often and have stronger heals. While the team is dealing damage, you will likely be able to keep them healthy for the majority of the fight.

Demolitions players or sentry turret lovers will definitely sway towards this gear set. Sticky bombs, sentry turrets, seeker mines, and so on will do more damage with this gear set. They will also be able to be used more often with the increased cooldown reduction. Use this gear set with a group and watch the sparks fly with the Tactician’s Authority talent.

Sentry’s Call

  • Set Bonus 2: +30% Headshot Damage
  • Set Bonus 3: +20% Damage to Elites
  • Set Bonus 4: Talent | Stalker – Headshots mark the enemy, increasing the damage inflicted on the target by 15% for a duration of 10 seconds each. A target can receive up to three marks.

A definite must have for marksman rifle players (like myself). Players who like to shoot from the back with absolute precision will be using this gear set. Marksman rifles already benefit from bonus headshot damage to begin with. The set adds another 30% Headshot damage, plus the Stalker talent that will increase damage further by 45% if they have 3 marks on them.

Make sure to land those headshots consistently. If you don’t land those headshots, you’re gonna have a bad time.


There are 4 new gear sets being added to The Division in Update 1.1. Striker’s Battlegear will likely be used by tank players with a LMG equipped to utilize the talent, “Shooter.” SMG players will also have some benefit with this set. The Path of the Nomad set is likely going to be used by lone wolves and players who are having some trouble staying alive. Sadly, this seems to be the weakest of all the gear sets and may get overlooked. Tactician’s Authority is a must for medics and players who love using skills like the sticky bomb and sentry turret. Sentry’s Call will likely only be used by the players who use marksman rifles, but they will be greatly rewarded if they do hit those headshots.

I am actually surprised there isn’t a gear set that specializes in resilience and armor to greatly benefit the staple tank of the team. We’ll have to wait and see if there is a more tank-specific gear set in the future. Ubisoft please!

All images taken from Tom Clancy’s The Division are property of Ubisoft.

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