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The Division has been in a free fall ever since patch 1.1 was released. It showed promise and failed to deliver. We look forward to patch 1.2 in hopes that it will restore some of The Division’s form. A weekly State of the Game (SotG) gives us some insight at what’s to come.

New Additions

New Gear Sets are making their way into The Division in the next update! They are being tailored to be more focused on underpowered or specific weapon types. Maybe this means shotgunners or light machine gun (LMG) users will get some love. There’s still a wonder if there will ever be a gear set for the tanks out there. The Division currently sways players to gain more DPS in any way possible, but it doesn’t seem to award players for being a front-line tank.

A new stat called Toughness is being added to incorporate the Armor and Stamina stats. It will hopefully make it much easier to be able to track how strong your character is. Armor is also being increased to 75% as opposed to the current 65% cap. While this does help tanks, will it still be obtainable for players who are gearing for as much DPS as possible? If so, there still won’t be much of a reason to build a tank character, sadly.

The new incursion will also be released with update 1.2. It will have the same requirements as Falcon Lost: recommended 140 Gear Score for Hard and 160 Gear Score for Challenging. While these stats are “recommended,” it is more logical to have at least 180 gear score even for Hard mode. It is cool that the new incursion will require the same gear score, but it may also make it less appealing to play. The incursion is going to need to have really good drops and fun or interesting mechanics to see the light of day.

A picture of the inventory screen showing the different stats

Stamina will be changed to Toughness in Update 1.2


The Sentry’s Call gear set talent is being changed to only allow semi-automatic weapons to proc the effect. The talent gives a 15% damage buff per stack and it can be stacked three times on a target when they get headshots. This can be easily obtained with automatic weapons, which has made it very powerful. This is definitely a much needed change and the set will be more geared towards the semi-automatic weapons like it seemed to be initially. It’s possible that with this change, the Striker’s gear set may get more attention.

Massive wants to move players even further away from crafting as it is still the #1 source of the best gear. They claim that SMGs and the M1A marksman rifles are currently in the meta-game since they can be crafted and obtained easily. Instead of making more blueprints available and allowing for further crafting, they seem to be going the opposite direction and still forcing players to pray to the RNG (random number generator) gods that they get a good drop. Why not make more guns available through blueprints and make crafting easier like when the game launched? This would allow players to craft all sorts of guns and try out new things without endlessly grinding for gear that will likely be thrown out as trash. Give the community MORE options, not less.

Finally, players will be able to hold 2,000 phoenix credits (pxc) with the new update. Hallelujah! Currently, the cap is set at 1,000 pxc across all characters (phoenix credits are shared). With the cost of some items being over 800 pxc, this is extremely needed. While 2,000 pxc may not be enough to satisfy, at least it’s something.

A map view of the new incursion shown on the map that is not available yet

The next Incursion will have the same gear score requirements as Falcon Lost

Final Thoughts

I have very mixed feelings towards the changes coming in the next update. Toughness seems to be an interesting change which could be beneficial, crafting will still suck like it does now, which means the quality of the game will likely remain the same. It will still be heavily geared towards RNG, which players have vocally expressed much hate for. RNG is okay to a point, but with so many stats in the game, it needs to be tuned down quite a bit.

Massive did not tell us a release date for The Division Update 1.2, but hopefully it will still make it by the end of the month. After seeing how the last two patches affected the game so much, they’re likely hashing out big issues before releasing it to the public.

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