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Alas, Doomfist is confirmed and is currently live on PTR! The newest hero or villain (depending on how you look at it) has joined the roster and we add “villain” because Doomfist will shake up the core of Overwatch. As players, we have battled for his gauntlet and Overwatch has left him somewhat on the path of punch-destruction.

In the 2-D animated origin story trailer, Doomfist wields his Hand Cannon battling against Winston and Tracer in the streets and he looks collected while showing zero remorse, hence the villain-ish title.

Doomfist will certainly add a very different dynamic to the offensive side of the game. He comes strapped with a Hand Cannon which deals a fair amount of damage via punching but he can also upper cut into the players plus land a bone crushing launch to players – Meteor Strike.

Along with Doomfist’s release to PTR today, Jeff Kaplan released a Developer Update on YouTube explaining the new character’s background and abilities in more detail.

Earlier this year, the internet hailed at the thought of Terry Crews voicing the highly teased offense character, we talk about Crews’ audition for the voice part, here.

While nothing was absolute, fans still roared with excitement at the idea. However, since the hero’s official entry to the roster in Overwatch, we quickly learn the character is voiced by Sahr Ngaujah. Who knows, maybe Terry Crews will still make his Overwatch debut in the future.

Ngaujah is an American actor more recently seen in The Signal (2007) and Stomp the Yard (2007). 

Will Doomfist be your hero in the battle in Overwatch? Check out some of his screen shots below.


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