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Dropzone – A Competitive and Unique RTS

Leading European video game publisher Gameforge and developer Sparkypants Studios have introduced a transformative entry into the real-time strategy (RTS) genre with Dropzone. A highly competitive title, Dropzone combines intense 1v1 action, deep strategic multi-unit tactics and map control of real-time strategy with extensive customization, pilot leveling and familiar controls.

Players command a squad of three mighty war machines known as “Rigs” in explosive, 15-minute battles for dominance. Players can choose from a variety of Pilots, Rigs and Gear to customize their squad to suit their playstyle. Powered by Sparkypants Studios’ Sparkle Engine, a game engine built from the ground up for competitive online play, Dropzone represents the next generation of RTS.

Packing the Action Into 15 minutes

An image of the Dropzone loadout screenBy ripping out the building, resources and unit creation found in traditional RTS titles, the player is left with a condensed, action-packed match. With a multitude of Rigs and a stock of different Gear to swap around, customization for play is left intact. All squad upgrades and abilities are done outside of matches, pushing players right into the action every game. As the player progresses, they will unlock more customization options until they are left with the perfect loadout.
An image of Vince, next to his Tank class Rig

The Match

NPC creatures known as the Kavash are killed for experience and their cores, which are then uploaded through the uplink in the middle of the map for points. Every match, there are three other randomly generated goals that can be completed for bonus points. While killing enemy rigs prevents them from accomplishing objectives and drops their collected cores, they don’t give any experience or points. The entire match is all about who can manage the game better instead of constant battle among players.
Between uploading cores, taking over vision points and bringing down large NPCs for buffs, controlling all three Rigs becomes a test of micromanagement. Knowing your loadout, how it will level up through the match and how well it synergizes with the rest of your squad is key. Due to random quests each match and unknown enemy playstyles, understanding the game and reacting to these changes is what will make or break a game.
An image of players fighting against NPC controlled Kavash enemies

Competitive Play

Dropzone is designed for competitive play; spectator modes, player ranks, and easy setup for tournaments make it easier for event organizers to get things rolling with minimum effort. With 2v2 matches and more innovative content on the way, the developers are hard at work making sure Dropzone stays fresh and agile for the competitive arena. Check it out now while it’s in beta, and take your place at the top of the food chain!

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