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Square Enix announces the launch of prequel Life Is Strange: Before the Storm. This game will follow Chloe, Max Caufield’s best friend, through three episodes. The first of which will release August 31st, 2017 and it is set in Arcadia Bay like Life is Strange. In these episodes, players find out more about what happened to Chloe and Rachel Amber.

“Life is Strange: Before the Storm is a key release for Square Enix this year and is being created as a direct response to fans asking to return to Arcadia Bay so they can revisit the characters they fell in love with,” said Lee Singleton, Head of Studio at Square Enix London Studios. “Many people can identify a particular person who significantly influenced their life; the person that ultimately shaped who they became. Life is Strange: Before the Storm is about this exact moment.”

As one of EloTalk’s previous articles stated, this game is produced by Deck Nine Games, known for PlayStation titles and not large story-based narratives like Life is Strange.

It’s an absolute privilege to work on the next game in the series and it’s our chance to do justice to the series and prove the quality of our unique StoryForge toolset from our very talented team.” Jeff Litchford, Vice President of Deck Nine Games.

The above information is courtesy of Square Enix.

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