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London, 1918. It’s dark and the streets are covered in blood. The blood of the Spanish Flu victims and the blood of thirsty Vampyr’s who lurk in the shadows mix together. It reeks of death and chaos. This is a dire situation to be in, having friends and family die from plagues that can’t be stopped – either of them. Your mission is to save the city at the cost of your own morals.


Dontnod Entertainment set out to create a new kind of action RPG with protagonist Dr. Johnathon Reid, who stalks the streets as an unwilling Vampyr.  Dr. Reid is mentally plagued by the idea killing others in order to stay alive, and is deeply disgusted with himself. As a doctor, he took an oath to save lives, not to destroy them. And because of his actions, he might cause the entire downfall of London. While he doesn’t want to do any of this, the undead Skal are rampant in the streets and killing freely. In order to destroy them, Dr. Reid needs human blood to power up in a lovely catch 22. What will he do?

E3 Announcement

The trailer illustrates the gruesome repercussions of war and plague in both a realistic and abstract way. The music is perfectly chosen to fit this gritty piece of art and shows what kinds of amazing work goes into Dontnod’s games as players get to make their own choices and hopefully find a cure. Will you save London or become a bloodthirsty monster?

Vampyr comes out in November 2017 for all major platforms and pre-orders are already available. Check out the website for more information. If you missed our previous article on Vampyr, click here.

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