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The developers behind Don’t Look Away are back with a new IP, called The Take. New York based Indie developer, Eos Interactive have put themselves on the map with an upcoming one versus one local multiplayer game.

Founders and Directors, Jose Zambrano and Rob Canciello helm everything from the studio to development and design. “The name Eos came from a very symbolic find.” Zambrano and Canciello were looking to enter the game industry while also reshaping their current career path, a fresh start was in the works. 

So what is Eos? The Titaness and Goddess of Dawn in Greek mythology to be exact. Zambrano had this to say:

“We liked the symbolism of it, comparing it to the start of our own new day/careers, and the visual representations of her, so the name stuck.”

Currently, Eos has six people on board. There are three full-time folks including Zambrano, Canciello, and John Corn who is their Lead Developer. In addition, there are three part timers, Hessvacio Hassan, Andy Lohmann and Dan Cicconi. “We are all local to New York, and we all met through classes at Playcrafting, which is the organization behind Play NYC.”

The success of their first VR game set the tone for what was in store for The Take. Don’t Look Away was an introduction for the team into the world of VR. Once their Lead Developer, John joined their team during the start of pre-production, he loved the concept and started working with Eos right away. 

Zambrano and his team all met through Playcrafting classes. “Since all of us came out of Playcrafting classes we have a very family-like dynamics, which makes the whole process more enjoyable.”

Last month, EloTalk attended the Play NYC event where we met up with the team at Eos. We’ve kept a close eye on Eos which allowed for the opportunity to get their thoughts on the event as a whole and what it meant forindie developers in New York City.

Zambrano had this to say about the Play NYC event:

“I think this event was very important, I was surprised of the amount of gamers and fans I talked to that had no idea we are doing smaller events like this all year around. They had no idea New York housed so many game makers and so much creativity. It was great to introduce them to us and to let them know they can help us so much by coming to all the other smaller events, where developers also show works in progress.”

About The Take

The Take is a 1 versus 1 local Virtual Reality game (only one headset required). You take on the role of spies from competing agencies during the 1950’s and 60’s to hide and secure classified intel. The first spy has a limited amount of time to hide the intel somewhere in their spy-stronghold, all while using a selection of gadgets and traps to secure the room and delay the other spy from finding the intel. Once the time limit is reached, the first spy transfers the headset to the other spy, who then had a limited amount of time to look for this intel, while also avoiding and/or disarming the traps. If the intel is found within the time limit, the spy seeking it wins the game, if not, the spy who originally hid the intel wins! Play over and over again to discover all the hidden parts of each room, to experiment with the vast combinations of assorted interactable objects and traps, and of course, to prove who is the best spy!

About Eos Interactive

Eos has two more projects in pre-production right now. The projects are two very different concepts from The Take, but will also be on VR devices. The only clue Eos can share at this time is to get ready to bring your friends together around that VR headset.

You can find Eos at the Halloween Expo event this fall. It’s an event for local game developers to showcase their games at the Microsoft building, located at 11 Times Square. Fans and families can come in for a day of fun playing games and trick or treat.

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