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First person shooter Evolve was released February 2015 after being delayed several times since first being announced in 2014. Earlier this week Turtle Rock Studios and 2K decided to re-release Evolve as Evolve Stage 2, making the premium PC game free-to-play and it has only grown in popularity since.


When Evolve was released in 2015 there were 27,000 players but within the last month Evolve has experienced a low volume of active players; less than 600 players to be more specific. Since Evolve has been made available to Steam users for free, the game has seen a huge spike in active players. Just yesterday there were only a few hundred users shy of 25,000 concurrent players playing the co-op monster shooter. As of this morning Evolve Stage 2 has peaked at 40,000 users; the first-person shooter has reached its all-time high.

Evolve Stage 2 is now available on Steam for free for PC users.



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