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Pylon: Rogue is an upcoming rogue-like, action RPG, and had a great booth set up at PAX West. I had the opportunity to talk with Tim Walker, a Studio Director for QuantumSquid, while I was there. We spoke for a while about the background and development of this Gauntlet and Diablo inspired title. Then I was able to try out the game and get some first impressions.


Start off your journey by selecting one of four possible heroes. Each has their own strengths, weaknesses, and play styles. The goal is to gather gems and items in order to power up and push deeper through the levels. Doing so will require learning hero roles, monster attack tells and executing perfectly timed combos. All the while, monsters are getting stronger at each stage of the game.

The overworld in Pylon: RogueThe game presents an over world map with randomly set nodes. As you progress through the map, each node must be cleared in order to progress. Doing so entails clearing the rooms in a pre-built map. The enemies are random while increasing in difficulty as you make your way through the main map. All the while, items are up for the grabs in order to aid the hero on their journey. If the luck of the dice is favorable, different weapons for the heroes might show up too.

A Throwback to the Originals

While other games try to put a new spin on rogue-like, action RPGs, Pylon looks to improve on the tried and true systems. By shedding cumbersome story lines, Pylon: Rogue is a great throwback to older games such as Gauntlet. In choosing to focus on gameplay, the developers spent their time fine tuning balance and polish. The results speak for themselves.

Also like older games, they developed the game to be easy to pick up and play for a short while before having to stop. There’s no going until you hit the next save point or long no-saving sections. Once a level is done, the game can be saved and put down for next time. Pylon: Rogue was built from the ground up to be easy for anyone to pick up and play with ease.


The developers made sure to get right to the point at every turn. No fancy gimmicks or over the top mechanics, just pure gameplay from the start. The final results leave the player with a fantastic throwback to dungeon crawling, rogue like game. Pylon: Rogue absolutely has that old school feel that helped so many get into games in the first place. The game will be available for $14.99 on Steam, with a 50% off sale for a limited time at launch.

Expect to see the game hit the store on September 21st.

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