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I eagerly ran to my computer once I got home and watched the download like a Jet junkie waiting for his next fix. Once completed, and after a few seconds of pure excitement, I hopped right into The Commonwealth. “Finally,” I thought, “a reason to play my level 41 character.” A character that I have touched less than the butt-end of a loaf of bread.  Impatiently I pulled up my Pip-Boy, listened to the radio signal, and began my journey.

The journey I took was a short one, but oh so sweet. Automatron took roughly 3 hours for me to complete which is considerably short for a Bethesda Downloadable Content (DLC). However, the addition of robot creation and the interesting story-line kept me entertained. Personally, I rolled with a character high in blood-alcohol level, charisma, agility, perception, and a decked out .44 Magnum – a build I so graciously called “The Drunk Cowboy.” The use of Charisma, as per usual, played a major roll in opening up new and crucial dialogue that changed the way I  viewed the mechanically masterminded menace, The Mechanist. screenshot_2

Robot construction is one of the biggest takeaways from the new DLC. Requiring points in either the Robotics Expert, Blacksmith, Armorer, Gun Nut, and/or Science to fully build your robot on junk alone. Despite those requirements you can go on a “kill all the robots” rampage like your grandpa after he has tried to figure out how to use his new iPhone and get robotics parts that drop from robots you’ve destroyed. Although a longer process, going on a robot hunt can be fun once you’ve completed the DLC campaign. 20160401133556_1

Overall, Bethesda came through on their promise. Automatron was anticipated to be one of the smaller DLC’s being released and with a price tag of $9.99 (without the season pass which was $29.99 prior to March 1st and is now $49.99)  it confirmed our thoughts, so 3 hours of game play isn’t a surprise. The addition of robot construction is a fun and new way to build companions that allows for enough personal flare to really make you feel like that robot is your own creation. In addition, I can only imagine the joyous chaos that is about to ensue once 3rd party mods are created for these robots. The story line was definitely interesting. It offered a deeper and darker look into one of the Fallout world’s largest companies and with high charisma you can potentially unlock more plot twists. However, since I was level 41 going into it I felt that the engagements were fairly easy, but it is available to players at level 15 which would have been much more difficult.20160401133808_1

Albeit short, Automatron is just the beginning. Bethesda plans on releasing another small DLC, Wasteland Workshop, in April and Far Harbor, which is said to be the largest DLC Bethesda has ever released, in May. So get prepared for more sleepless nights my fellow Wastelanders.

All screenshots and images from Fallout 4 are copyright of Bethesda Softworks.

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