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Eorzeans, rejoice! For Patch 3.55a, Square Enix announced quite a few changes coming to Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward | The Far Edge of Fatefor Patch 3.55a. Some of the major additions will include Anima story quest, a new map for PvP and a new collectibles option!

Playable Content

New Quest!
Patch 3.55a adds a brand new Chronicles of New Era quest: Unidentified Flying Object. This quest is in Idyllshire (X7.7 Y4.2). You need to complete “Freedom for Our Skies” completed and unlock the alliance raid called Dun Scaith.

More Anima Steps!
Wanna make your anima weapon even stronger? Travel to Azys Lla (X: 4.3 Y11.5) and talk to Ardashir. He will give you two new steps: Words of Wisdom and Best Friends Forever.

Anima Nerfs!
Tired of the Umbrite step? So is everyone else! Each Umbrite will now cost 150 Lore instead of the prior 300 Lore. Still having trouble with Crystal Sands? You can now trade in one of each unidentifiable for a crystal sand.

Help Make Eorzea Great Again!
Patch 3.55a will introduce Zhloe, the new collectibles vendor that will help you gain gil, blue scrips and red scrips! Get ready to invigorate your gathering and crafting classes! Competing deliveries will also increase your satisfaction level with Eorzea and allow you to get better rewards!

Wondrous Tails Changes!
The Feast is now “The Feast/The Fold.

Battle System

Proto Ultimate Battle: Grab 24 of your closest friends and take on the legendary Proto Ultimate. I wonder what kind of loot he will drop.

Monk/Pugilist Trait: Fist of Earth will now decrease damage taken from 10% to 5% in PVP. Sorry, Monks.

PvP: Sudden death will be the norm for Feast matches. This change will decrease the time of long battles. Square has also added new supply boxes and kits.

Get ready for some additional buffs while you’re PvPing. You will also some new minor changes to the feast, such as quick chat options, preseason and other goodies! Also, you will notice a brand new map added to the feast

Drop Rates: You can now purchase the Sophic Lanner Whistle for 99x Goddess Totems.


New Items and Recipes! Square hasn’t released what items/recipes will be coming, but expect some soon!

Grade 2 Dissolvents: It should be easier to make Grade 2 Dissolvents now. You will notice recipes excluding Dawnborne Aethersands.

Help Text: Fixed help text missing from Animas.

Other Changes: You will notice other changes to Splendors Vendor, Crafting Log, New Fish and Scrip Exchange Vendor.


New Achievements: Are you an achievement hunter? Well, I got news for you. Square will tell us later what new achievements.

Resolved Issue Fixes: Reward from “Echoes of the White Night,” changes with animations and party finder fixes!

Known Issues

Confirmed Issues: Tooltips not displaying for Custom Deliveries on gamepad.


Patch 3.55a looks like a great and exciting patch. I want to jump in on my Crafter and help Zhloe make Eorzea great again. What are you looking forward to the most? Grinding that Sophic bird? Fostering your Anima? Let us know on Twitter or Discord.

All images are copyright by Square Enix

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