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The Superhot series started back in the beginning of 2016. Originally the product of a seven-day, first person shooter project, it quickly became a favorite in the shooter genre. The premise of the game centered around time moving only when the player moved, which allowed for action-packed gameplay. With simple, yet entertaining mechanics, the game can be quickly picked up and enjoyed. In 2017, a VR port was launched, and a new stand-alone expansion was introduced named Superhot: Mind Control Delete.


Superhot: Mind Control Delete (MCD) is a rougelike. Players assume a personality of an in-game character who is uploaded in the virtual world, starting with Addict. Each personality provides varying difficulties that determine the number of shops and fights. The shops play out like most rougelikes, where they serve as an upgrade point. The current upgrades are very basic right now, but they could be upgraded for the full release of the game. There are also unique powers for each personality. The current power available is the ability to possess an enemy and swap consciousness with them.

Each fight starts with the player being thrown into the middle of an unfolding action sequence, similar to the original game. Over the course of a few minutes, more enemies will spawn from random points. After the fight, the player will go back to the personality they loaded in as, and determine whether the next encounter is a shop or fight.

The Promises

The SUPERHOT Team has stated that Superhot: MCD will offer more dynamic and varied opponents for the player to fight. Gameplay will also flow differently than the original title, as players will fight enemies in multiple rounds versus one long fight per level. The overarching narrative in the game only becomes clear after some exploring.

To Summarize

Superhot: MCD as of January 2018 has the groundwork for a wonderful rougelike shooter. With the release date still several months away, it’s safe to assume that the developers at SUPERHOT Team are working hard on their promises to deliver another stellar game. Superhot: Mind Control Delete is slated for release in late 2018 for the PC.


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