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First Look: Battlerite
8.8Overall Score
Art & Music8
Character Design8.5

‘Battlerite’ is a straight-up addictive, MOBA style arena brawler produced by Stunlock Studios and is the spiritual successor to Bloodline Champions.

The standard play is 2v2 against a cast of colorful characters with many different kits. Each one plays different, and each one feels good in their own way. Matchmaking is very interesting as there is no unranked but helps keep games fair and balanced. To top it all off; the ‘cartoon-y’ style and tribal music make this arena brawler something to die for.


Battlerite is played with a standard MOBAs top-down viewpoint but plays nothing like a MOBA. There are no towers or minions to worry about, it’s just you and your opponents in an all-out brawl. Currently, the game is in early access but comes stocked with 15 different characters who all brandish completely different kits. Although there are archetypes that the characters are built around such as long range artillery or all-in berserkers. Diversity goes even further with what the game calls “battlerites” which are choices you make before each round that amps up an ability to help you achieve victory. Standard Games are 2v2 with a best-of 5 format that is full of action but changes each time depending on the composition and battlerite choices.

Middle of a game of Battlerite, charging in as Bakko



The game has a cast of 15 characters who are all unique in their own way. They seem to be designed around certain archetypes with ranged being your long range artillery, your melee being your all-in bruisers, and supports being the general healers. They don’t all play the same though. An example would be a character like “Rook” who goes ham and does a ton of damage, but has a hard time disengaging but then there is “Bakko” who is also a melee bruiser but can play a more defensive role and peel at the same time. Each of them have interesting kits and feel really solid to play.

Art & Music

Battlerite has a style that reminds me of a more playful League of Legends. Naturally, this allows the game to be humorous with their heroes and takes that chance where it can. The music is very tribal-esque that definitely amps you up for battle. It’s a theme that flows well with that game and makes gameplay that much more attractive.


Battlerite is an amazing game. It’s absolutely wonderful. The gameplay is addictive, fun, and fast. The characters are really cool, well rounded, and feels finished enough to enjoy. The game is only in early access, with that we expect more greatness from Stunlock Studios. Currently, the game does not have a ‘casual mode’ and it’s only ranked, hindering it unattractive to try new characters out. Although it is interesting and makes matchmaking kind of fair as there is no manipulation from normal games. I’d like to see expanded customization in the pre-game queue, as it now, it’s as if ‘Overwatch’ and ‘Dota’ had a baby. For being in early access, this game has a lot to offer and I’m ready for more. It’s an absolutely addictive game that I’d even watch competitively if the scene arose. Definitely try to pick up Battlerite on Steam when you can.

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