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Frima Studios just launched Talent Not Included, and it was a blast of nostalgia and good old-fashioned fun. By combining quirky theatrical designs with fast-paced platforming action, Talent Not Included provides hours of fun the whole family can enjoy. Some unique elements and good challenges make the game feel fresh and exciting.
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The Game

A scene with a Warrior placed in a grassy environment levelTalent Not Included takes place on a theatrical stage where you play as one of three different heroes – each with their respective adventure. The player fights through hordes of enemies and challenging environments.

Instead of advancing to new levels, the stage changes scenes around you each round. Regular boss fights keep the story alive between the rounds. With enough progress, the next hero becomes unlocked.

The Good

Great Platforming
While playing through the game, levels start off with some basic level designs. Once adequately getting warmed up to the controls and systems, Talent Not Included wastes no time ramping up the levels to require some precise timing and finesse to make it through the obstacles alive.
A scene with a Rogue placed in a desert environment level
The rotating scenes provide a unique way of moving through the game. By getting to the right place as the scene changes, players can skip challenges to avoid various dangers. However, taking these risks can backfire and put you in an unrecoverable position. You can feel safe the moment you wait until a stage finishes up. But then, things are shaken up at certain points that require getting out of the way as the floor crumbles under you.
Fun for the Whole Family

After playing through the first few rounds, the game starts to bring back memories of action platformers from previous generations. Also, the game’s plot is great. Frima Studios managed to make a story that is funny for adults as well as safe for children. At no point through the game will parents start to question how appropriate the game is for the little ones.

A scene with a Wizard placed in a snowy environment level

The Bad

While Talent Not Included is a great game, it isn’t without just a few flaws. Mainly, the controls aren’t intuitive enough to pick up and play if you aren’t using a controller. After diving into the game, expect the need to back out and check the options to learn what buttons do what. On the bright side, if you are using a controller, you should have no problems at all. While this wasn’t a big deal, it stuck out.

Final Thoughts

Talent Not Included is a game worth checking out. It won’t take too long to complete, but with a low price, it packs a ton of value for the amount of fun you will have playing it. If you happen to check and learn the controls before you play, you can avoid the only downside altogether. If you’re a parent looking for a game that is child-friendly, this title is a must-have. Do yourself a favor and check out Talent Not Included on Steam.

All Talent Not Included gameplay images and content belong to Frima Studios.

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