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'Forts' - Review
Campaign was enjoyableA new look on RTS
Multiplayer is practically nonexistentFrustrating at timesNot likely to be very replayable
4.4Forts - Review

After PAX Prime, we took a look at Forts, an RTS that plays a bit different than the norm. This is a game I really wanted to turn out awesome because it packed a ton of potential.

While there is an enjoyable campaign, it missed the mark on occasion. Multiplayer, as it stands now, is in complete disarray. We’ll break it down and see what went right and what went wrong.


The campaign overall was a lot of fun. Each level presented a new set of challenges to overcome. They always push you to think outside the box to beat the round.

The story is lighthearted and pokes fun at world politics.

On the other hand, repeating levels to try and 3-star it wasn’t something that I dread to do. Well, most times at least.

While the overall gameplay was fun, some goals were just outright ridiculous. Destroying the enemy without getting hit/taking them out in one shot are examples of great challenges. Taking on these challenges makes you a better player.

Hitting a mortar directly with your own, however, relies on too much RNG – especially when you regularly break down walls to kill them or destroy the enemy base. This leads to some frustrating retries that don’t serve any real purpose.


Multiplayer was one of the most promising features of Forts. Upon release, there were little to no games listed in the multiplayer section. Even after a few weeks, multiplayer is barren. And whenever you do come across people to make a match, often someone will drop due to ping or just leave. The fact is, 1v2 matches simply aren’t that fun to play.

What might still be able to pull it off for Forts is the option to create a LAN game. I still think that this game would be a blast to play locally with some friends. At $15, the game is a perfect candidate to ask people to pick up for a A 4v4 multiplayer Forts mapLAN party.

The next time one comes around I fully intend to suggest it, because deep down this really can be a fun game.

Final Thoughts

Forts as a game has a lot of potential. Although, as of right now, there is still a bit of work to do. The campaign is really close to what I would want it to be for quality and length.

However, if you’re picking it up hoping for hours of multiplayer replayability, this isn’t the title.

Not to say that it won’t be in the future. Just, for now, it’s quite bare in this department. If it goes on sale, give it a try. In the meantime, watch for updates and fixes. Currently, it’s available on Steam for $15.

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