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Hugebot‘s first game on Steam, Four Realms, is now available for early access. Players can get the game for $8.03USD until June 17th. Afterwards it will be available for $11.99USD. A free demo is also available for play.

The game is fully playable but is to be expected to contain some bugs throughout the gameplay due to being in its beta stage. If encountered, it is recommended to submit those findings to Hugebot so they may improve their game for its full release.

Hugebot’s mission is to “polish Four Realms into an even better, more accessible game.”

The full version of Four Realms is expected to be released sometime in the fall of 2016, which gives early access players enough time to send in recommendations for changes to the game.

Hugebot asks that players, “please post here [on Steam] regularly, and I will review your comments, stories, and suggestions. Updates will be posted at roughly two to three week intervals.”

An unnatural force commands Wild Magic to creep across the land, causing beast to turn on beast. Only a Warden can unite the animal kingdoms and put an end to the menace. – Hugebot.com


In Four Realms you will play as an animal warden whose mission is to restore peace in all the animal kingdoms. You will be using spells and raising up an army to fight off the Wild Magic in efforts to quell the evil that threatens all animals in the realms of Strato SultanateRoot Democracy, Forged Parliament, and Fluid Coalition.

Image pulled from IndieDB

Image pulled from IndieDB


Gameplay is simple: get an objective and follow the indicator. Arrows will point you in the direction where you need to go. As for spell-casting, gems are required to use your character’s abilities. Be sure to collect gems throughout the various maps so you’ll be able to use abilities when encountering a difficult foe. An interesting aspect of this game is that the player can also build structures to get where they need to go, in addition to having the capability to enchant allies and objects. Players will be solving puzzles, building paths, casting spells, and encountering combat challenges.

Can you save the four realms from the Wild Magic, fellow Warden?

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