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December 1st, 9pm EST the Game Awards are being hosted in the Microsoft Theater located in Los Angeles. It is being produced by Geoff Keighley who wanted to have more games nominated for awards with in-game footage (as opposed to computer generated ones). This was largely due to the misleading marketing from the developers of No Man’s Sky. The event is being live streamed on YouTube.

There are a number of categories this year and we at EloTalk will be predicting who will win in each.

The Nominations and Predictions

Game of the Year

The five games nominated are Doom, Inside, Overwatch, Titanfall 2, and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

Prediction: Out of all the nominees, because this is the game of the year, Overwatch wins the vote. It has a large group of people who stream the game for hours on end. Blizzard has added new modes to the game to keep it relevant and interesting for its player base, and it has the backing of people who are looking for another esport.


Copyright by Blizzard Ent.



Best Narrative

The games nominated for this award are: Firewatch, Inside, Mafia III, Oxenfree, and Uncharted 4: Thief’s End

Prediction: Of the games on this list the one that was most spoken about and streamed on Twitch is Firewatch. Personally, part of what makes this game so special is the fact that players came up with the story themselves based on the information they received in gameplay. It’s a reminder of another indie game which had the same kind of thought process which was Her Story.


Copyright by Campo Santo


Best Art Direction

Nominees for this category are: Abzu, Firewatch, Inside, Overwatch, and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End


Copyright by Giantsquid/505

Prediction: This category is a tough one. All of these studios have worked immensely on giving us beauty. We’re going to give it to Abzu though. Giant Squid has created other beautiful games such as Journey which has captivated our eyes.

Best Music/Sound Design

Nominees for this category are: Battlefield 1, Doom, Inside, Rez Infinite, Thumper

Prediction: Of all the soundtracks, the game with the best music would be Doom. It has some serious nostalgia as a game and based on that fact could earn the award.


Games for Impact

Nominees for this category are: 1979 Revolution: Black Friday, Block’hood, Orwell, Sea Hero Quest, That Dragon, Cancer

Prediction: This particular category has a bit of a toss up because two of them fit completely different forms of impact. On one hand, there is Orwell which is a narrative focused on the themes derived for George Orwell’s novel 1984. The other game that has a high impact and very deserving of such an award is That Dragon, Cancer which is a game developed by a couple who have a son that is suffering from Cancer. It’s a very poignant narrative from what people have said and it is the one I believe will win this category.


Best Mobile/Handheld Game

Nominees for this category are: Clash Royale, Fire Emblem Fates, Monster Hunter Generations, Pokemon Go, Severed

Prediction: Almost all of the games listed here have received great praise from players. Clash Royale is a game which players defend their keep through cards. Fire Emblem is very highly regarded and is a tactical role-playing game. Monster Hunter Generations is an action adventure role-playing title allowing players to hunt dangerous creatures. Pokemon Go had an amazing launch but has been met with controversy in recent months. Severed is a game that allows the player to sever enemy body parts while on a mission to find her family. Of all the games listed we predict that Monster Hunter Generations is going to take it.


Copyright by Capcom

Best VR Game

Nominees for this category are: Batman: Arkham VR, Eve Valkyrie, Job Simulator, Rez Infinite, Thumper

Prediction: When the Oculus Rift was pre-purchased, customers received a copy of Eve Valkyrie as part of the package. Having actually tried this game with its amazing detail and gameplay, this one wins the prediction without a shadow of a doubt. Even for those that don’t often play space style games, this is a visual marvel.


Best Action Game

Nominees for this category are: Battlefield 1, Doom, Gears of War 4, Overwatch, Titanfall 2

Prediction: Though Battlefield 1 and Gears of War 4 are huge contenders for this category, the Blizzard fan in some of us predict that Overwatch will solidly take this category. It was a huge leap for Blizzard to come out with this game and it is continually streamed on Twitch. The second pick would be Gears of War 4 though!



Best Action/Adventure Game

Nominees for this category are: Dishonored 2, Hitman, Hyper Light Drifter, Ratchet & Clank, Uncharted 4

Prediction: This category has no doubts in many people’s minds because Dishonored 2 was highly anticipated before it launched. Even with some of the bugs that people have been experiencing as of late, the detail of the game is spectacular, not to mention that you can play Emily!


Best Role Playing Game

Nominees for this category are: Dark Souls 3, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Blood and Wine, World of Warcraft: Legion, Xenoblade Chronicles X

Prediction: While many would pick Dark Souls 3 as the best role-playing game, the idea dying all the time is not very appealing. Gone are the days where many played World of Warcraft, though Legion does have a lot of amazing things to offer the players, my prediction is going to be The Witcher 3. It has been very well received by players and is played fairly often. It’s on the top of role-playing games out of this list.


Best Fighting Game

Nominees for this category are: Killer Instinct Season 3, King of Fighters XIV, Pokken Tournament, Street Fighter V

Prediction: There can only be one winner in this arena and that is Street Fighter V. The franchise has been around for over a decade and still has a ton of players that will flock to the newest installment. It is played competitively and you can’t throw a rock in the fighting game arena without having someone talking about this game.


Copyright by Capcom



Best Family Game

Nominees for this category are: Dragon Quest Builders, Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Pokemon Go, Ratchet & Clank, Skylanders: Imaginators

Prediction: While Lego games will always have the kids hearts, Dragon Quest Builders will likely take this prize away. It has value to all members of the family, was highly anticipated, and has a Minecraft vibe to it. Of course, that puts this game in a category above the rest since many players are on it daily.


Best Strategy Game

Nominees for this category are: Civilization VI, Fire Emblem Fates, The Banner Saga 2, Total War: Warhammer, XCOM 2

Prediction: Honestly this pick is an automatic win. With the power of an epic amount of games behind it, the series has revolutionized itself with new features. Many people who don’t play this particular genre picked this one up due to the popularity of the previous renditions. The prediction for this category, hands down, is Civilization VI. (Also, that new intro music! While it’s not Baba Yetu, the music is still quite brilliant.)


Best Sports/Racing Game

Nominees for this category are: FIFA 17, Forza Horizon 3, MLB the Show 16, NBA 2k17, Pro Evolution Soccer 2017

Prediction: This is also a category of no contest. While FIFA does have a huge fanbase, die hard racers are constantly on the lookout for the next big thing. In this case, that is Forza Horizon 3. It’s no Gran Turismo but it fits the bill of many racing fans with customizable cars, exciting challenges, and other epic features.


Best Multiplayer Game

Nominees for this category are: BF1, Gears of War 4, Overcooked, Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege, Titanfall 2

Prediction: Again another argument can be made here for Battlefield 1 and Gears of War 4 but still the winner is going to be Overwatch for the same reasons as the other category it’s nominated in. The game has huge replay value, interesting characters, and is constantly being updated by Blizzard.


Fan’s Choice Awards

Best Esports Player

Nominees for this category are: Faker (League of Legends), Coldzera (CS:GO), Byun (Starcraft 2), Infiltration (Street Fighter V), Hungrybox (Super Smash Bros. Melee)

Prediction: It’s no surprise that this player is very highly regarded in the world of esports. Even as a person that doesn’t follow League of Legends has at least heard of the player named “Faker”. It is also the esport that regularly gets the largest amount of viewers on Twitch, the highest prize pool, and a fan base that is ungodly. He also happens to be part of SKT1 which brings us to our next category.


Best Esports Team

Nominees for this category are: SKT1, Wings Gaming, SK Gaming, Rox Tiger, Cloud9

Prediction: It’s no secret that the Koreans dominate the world of esports which is why SKT1 is going to take home the win. From the various different team rosters they’ve had, team SKT1 has proven results and are golden when in comes to professional gaming.


Best Esports Game

Nominees for this category are: CS:GO, DOTA2, League of Legends, Overwatch, Street Fighter V

Prediction: Because of the previous two categories the obvious winner for this award will be League of Legends. It continues to be a multi online battle arena that players flock towards and is surely to win this fan’s choice award.


Trending Gamer

Nominees for this category are: AngryJoeShow, Boogie2988, Danny O’Dwyer, Jacksepticeye, Lirik

Prediction: There is a lot of love for Lirik with his amazing cat emotes on Twitch but the real winner of this award is going to be AngryJoeShow. He’s a person that has been a guest on the Co-Optional Podcast, absolutely loves video games, and even puts himself into debt just to have the best production quality on his YouTube videos. The man is a genius and he most definitely deserves this award.


Best Fan Creation

Nominees for this category are: Brutal Doom 64 and Enderal: The Shards of Order

Prediction: Of these two games, it’s going to be a hard choice. However, I believe Brutal Doom 64 is going to win this category. We all thought Doom was gory back in the day but with this brutal modification. The gore has increased ten-fold.


Most Anticipated Game

Nominees for this category are: God of War, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Red Dead Redemption 2, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Prediction: Of the games listed the choice is between Mass Effect: Andromeda and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. One is definitely a space combat type of game with a huge fan base already behind it. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild looks amazing. Fans of this series are extremely excited for its release. This one could go either way and no deaths will happen as a result.


There are many games that have earned their spots and many gamers are excited to see the results. If you are one of those people and want to find out more about the Game Awards, tune into the stream here!

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