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Gigantic is a “free-to-play action MOBA where heroes battle alongside a massive guardian in a fight for supremacy” and today they announced partnering with Perfect World Entertainment. The game – created by Motiga, an independent PC game development company – has been through alpha and several beta testing phases on and off since August 2015. As of April 25, however, the most recent phase of beta testing has closed in favor of expanding the company’s “core” testing group for more rigorous troubleshooting of new material.


Perfect World Entertainment is the publisher of a number of games, such as Torchlight I and II, Neverwinter, Forsaken World, Star Trek Online, and many others. Their website brands them as “a leading North American online games publisher specializing in immersive free-to-play MMORPGs.” According to their official release:

This partnership is a huge step for Motiga, as it allows us to continue working towards realizing the vision the development team had for Gigantic – a great competitive online game. Even more so, it accelerates opportunities for Gigantic by having more resources available to us. One of the biggest is being worked on already: an opportunity to bring Gigantic to as many versions of Windows as possible. That’s right; we’re developing a version of the game that will be playable on every 64-bit Windows operating system. This version will be made available through Perfect World’s Arc games platform, which is available on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. Furthermore, the 64-bit version of Gigantic will be released on the same day as the Xbox One and Windows 10 App Store versions. This will help us introduce Gigantic to a larger audience much quicker than we originally anticipated!

Below is the video announcing their partnership:


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