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Rocket League players rejoice! ‘Tis the season to be jolly with Rocket League’s holiday additions! The December update will feature a variety of new items, so keep your eyes on the prize folks!

Rocket League Holiday

If you weren’t sated with the Halloween goodies, then this update will more than wet the appetite because there will be gifts aplenty! Even big kids will enjoy this one with the new Steam Workshop support, Customized training on all of the platforms, and brand new community flags! But wait, there are more presents in store! We can look forward to the new toppers like the Elf Hat or the Nutcracker Antenna or even get New Year’s Glasses topper! Remember the Nutcracker? Let’s go for a reminder… (har har har)Elf Hat Topper New Years Glasses Nutcracker Antenna

Psyonix has even brought back a few of the items from last year’s holiday stock, so get them while you can! Items like the Christmas Tree Topper, Xmas Rocket Trail, and Candy Cane Antenna, are all going to be included. So, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! 2015 items will be making a comeback this year, it will also be the last time you can obtain them. Catch them while you can! You won’t want to miss out on these exciting items!



One more thing, New Years is right around the corner and so a new 2017 topper will be added to the game. Though there’s plenty more to come before that happens, like the Rocket League Championship Series Grand Finals in Amsterdam!


What are you most excited about this Holiday season in Rocket League? Is it the toppers? The community flags? Or some sweet present droppings on the field? Perhaps none of this is appealing and you want to see what the RLCS Grand Finals brings? Fear not! There will be an article covering that too ;)

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