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“MC work is dangerous, sometimes requiring a helping hand from your full Chapter.” – Bikers DLC

UPDATE GTA Online: Bikers arrives on October 4th as an automatic update to GTA Online on PS4, Xbox One and PC.


In the endless, open world that is Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V), Rockstar Games continues to prove just how huge their game can be with the announcement of a new update coming to Grand Theft Auto V online, BIKERS!

The announcement of the update comes with support from the existing in-game ‘biker’ community and the players who were looking for the same excitement when the Heist update arrived. With the Bikers update coming soon, there will be a plethora of content for players looking for new material and missions to mix up the typical co-op gameplay.

While some bike crews worked with what they had before the DLC, they’ve called dibs with this newly equipped update. Newbies beware! An in-game biker crew, “Harambe’s Angels” and several others are stoked about the Bikers addition. Newer crews are beginning to set up their profiles on Rockstar’s Social Club forum, and the hype can be followed there.

What players can expect with new Bikers DLC:

  • Create Motorcycle Clubs (MC) that can have up to 8 players as members.
  • Player titles such as “Prospect” or “Club President” within MCs — whether this will be some sort of rank system, Rockstar has yet to confirm.
  • New motorcycles, even some accessories for characters. “The Zombie” motorcycle (seen below) from GTA IV is making a comeback.
  • Legitimate motorcycle club properties; they come with a custom biker mechanic.
    • Instead of purchasing a random property as players do now, these lots will be equipped with a  biker.
  • More venues for your honest or shifty business dealings.
  • The Lost and Damned MC extras may appear.
  • Official MC “cuts” (motorcycle jacket cut-offs) which can be customized.

The Zombie – Featured in GTA IV

In addition to what was announced, fans and players are speculating additional features by analyzing every detail Rockstar left in their announcements and photos. There have been rumors about everything from customizable tires, handles, wrist accessories, new hair styles, and even patches for “cut-offs”.

The Bikers DLC will be coming out with guns blazing, and with past updates such as Further Adventures in Finance and Felony, the Bikers update looks more appetizing. As for when the update will arrive, Rockstar has yet to announce a release date, though September 27th and “some time in October” have been mentioned. GTA V fans are on edge waiting for this expansion, and Bikers is shaping up to be a fun experience players won’t want to miss.

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