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The asteroid home of the Growbots, “Kew”, is protected by six space stations. When our adorable robot hero, Nara, begins her captaincy training at the Ventral Space Station, she quickly learns of an unknown entity that causes strange crystals to grow at a rapid rate. While the crystals infect the station and her fellow Growbots, it is up to this Growbot to figure out how to stop the growth and save the galaxy.

Cut off to the outside world, friends will need to be made.

Growbot speaking to Starbelly

Nara meeting a Starbelly for the first time.

Puzzles need to be solved.


An adventure awaits in this 2D point-and-click world.

Growbot by pond

Growbot’s artwork is stunning and the idea of playing as a little robot is certainly different. We’re looking forward to its release!

Growbot is still in development for PC and Mac but those interested in the game can sign up for the Mailing List to receive updates. The game already has its own page on Steam where more information can be found.

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