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Path of Fire

On August 1, ArenaNet announced the first official expansion to Guild Wars 2 titled “Path of Fire.”

“Path of Fire” is the first standalone expansion following “Heart of Thorns” (it was the first expansion) that will be available to demo on August 11. It introduces a ton of new features for players. In short, we are going to the Crystal Desert where players experience new quests, elite specializations, newly added mounts and more!

Elite Specializations

Each class in the game have a new weapon with special customized abilities to use with them. Below are the classes, which weapon they have access to and the name. Additional details on any information included below can be found directly on the Guild Wars 2 website.

  • Engineer – “Holosmith” – Sword
  • Guardian – “Firebrand” – Axe
  • Thief – “Deadeye” – Rifle (HELL YES. THANK YOU.)
  • Warrior – “Spellbreaker” – Dagger
  • Mesmer – “Mirage” – Axe
  • Necromancer – “Scourge” – Torch
  • Elementalist – “Weaver” – Sword
  • Ranger – “Soulbent” – Dagger
  • Revenant – “Renegade” – Shortbow

That is nine new elites to customize individual class and playstyles. The video showing each specialization, in brief, is amazing.


Yes, for the first time in Guild Wars history, players gain access to mounts since the new zones are going to be much larger and have new mechanics.

  • Raptor – Leaps – Has a tailspin ‘attack’ to engage a target but will dismount after landing the blow.
  • Springer – High leap – Is a mutant bunny that allows players to reach new heights.
  • Skimmer – Hovers over ground and water – Looks like a manta-ray and will not slow players down like water does.
  • Jackal – Blinks forward – Has the ability to change direction in midair.

Keep in mind that much like gliding in “Heart of Thorns,” you cannot use mounts for the new jumping puzzle.

Other Features

There will be a new guild hall available in the expansion, although it does require ownership of “Heart of Thorns” to claim it and fully upgrade the vendors.

Along with that, the Crystal Desert will sport challenging new bounties where players can join a hunt! Characters will have new armor sets, skins, and weapons, although there is no news about legendaries yet.

Beginning on August 11, all players of Guild Wars 2 can try the first bit of “Path of Fire” – even if using the free version! Regardless of your experience, do not miss out!

The Skinny on the Cost

ArenaNet has done players proud.

This new expansion is at a low price of $29.99 USD for the Standard version, $54.99 for the Deluxe version and $79.99 for the Ultimate version.

Fans who enjoy Guild Wars 2 can purchase the expansion through various streamer referral links. Many of these content providers rely on the community’s support to continue their ventures.

Click one of the links to support the stream by buying the new expansion through their links! Each link below redirects to a purchase link for “Path of Fire.” Here are a few of them:

Make sure to check out the Guild Wars 2 website for more details and to try the game at no cost. Remember that August 11 is the beginning of the free weekend trial of “Path of Fire.”

The full game is available for pre-purchasing until the launch on September 22 with special rewards. And as always, if you have something to say about the new expansion, join us in Discord.

Until next time.

All images belong to ArenaNet.

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