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Starting October 18th the annual Halloween event for Guild Wars 2 will make its way back into the game for epic fun. Get your candy, minis, and kill Prince Thorn as many times as your fingers will let you!


The Event

There are some staple events that occur with the event like Mad King Says, Mad King’s Tower, Mad King’s Labyrinth, Costume Brawls, and The Mad King’s Dungeon. You can craft some things like the Halloween Pail to solidify a characters’ hardcore Halloweenist status because it takes a million stacks of Candy Corn to make. Plus, a person will need the bag slots for all the candy that drops!

Mad King Says

Every year there are rookies that never played Simon says as children. When, “Simon says walk” everyone walks. So, if the Mad King says, “Now laugh for me peasants!” and a player laughs, they will get knocked over. Why? Because it didn’t say “Mad King says laugh for me!” This means that you too can laugh at the failing mortals of Tyria!

Mad Kings Tower

To slaughter the sheep during the event will be Mad Kings Tower jumping puzzle. Get stuck under tiny rocks while a lava substance threatens to take you to the land of the dead. It’s an issue that only applies to #AsuraMasterRace, the real race of the game, but anyways… The jumping puzzle requires the players to climb a clock tower as it shatters into cog pieces and wood splinters. Because of the moving parts in this one, the difficulty is rather high. Once you are at the top of the clock tower, you jump through the broken face to collect the chest. Then rejoice! If Twitter becomes spammed with BabyRage emotes, you readers will know what happened… (EEP! Save us!)


Mad King’s Labyrinth

Many different Portals are scattered throughout Lions Arch. One portal will drop you into the cauldron as part of the Witches Brew (Insert cackling here). Others take you to the Tower, the dungeon, or Mad King’s Labyrinth. It is there that players can get the Carver achievements and take on Champion Bosses that require coordination and many condition removals. There are two Champion bosses that if ‘aggroed’ at the same time, will murder an entire group. Be careful adventurers!

No matter what happens, and no matter what level you are currently at, any player can enter this zone (past level 10). Low-level characters are upgraded to 80 while exploring the zone. Real level 80 characters already have appropriate gear to survive much longer, but that doesn’t stop anyone from participating. Reap the candy rewards peeps!

Costume Brawl

One of the drops that players receive during the Halloween event will be different tonics to morph into creatures. One can turn into ghosts, skeletons, pirates, and giant candy corn monsters. While in these costumes, action bars will change into new temporary PvP abilities to challenge other costumers. You get achievement points and bragging rights! The POW! Notifications like the old school Batman animated TV series makes this feature highly entertaining…


The Halloween Dungeon

Finally, we come to the Dungeon where you get to take on the Mad King himself. There are two modes, the Explore mode and the Dungeon mode, and you need to be careful where you step. Drop onto floating platforms to get to the mobs, but watch out for falling damage! In exploration mode, it is possible to two-man the boss and will just take much longer to defeat him. He spawns “adds” and isn’t very difficult to take down so go forth and murder the evil for he has candy!


With all of the exciting activities during Halloween, players will receive bucket loads of candy, costumes, and many other things. No matter what your play style is, there is something for everyone. All of this will be yours to play beginning on October 18th and will run to the end of October. So get ready folks!

If for some reason you haven’t played Guild Wars 2 before and you are keen to get in on the action, head over here to try the game for free!

See you in the game!

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