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Today, January 31st marks the day in which ArenaNet finally introduces the new trailer for Living World Season 3 “The Head of the Snake”. The two elder dragons will target Divinity’s Reach and we must save the city on February 7th when it releases!

Living World Season 3

Where we last left our heroes, Taimi explained that not one but two elder dragons will be unleashing hell on Tyria. Their target is Divinity’s Reach but that’s not the only thing plaguing the city. Queen Jennah requires aid from her fellow Tyrians as she seeks to destroy a snake within her walls…

It will take great effort to thwart the multitude of issues but we will be taking a stand against them! And hopefully, it won’t meet the same fate as Lion’s Arch before it!

The beginning of episode 4 spells out a massive fight as Tyrians must rise up to the elder dragons and bite the heads off any betrayers in their midst.

We will show them no quarter!

Other Updates

A new raid wing will be introduced called Bastion of the Penitent, adding four new bosses to overcome. Players still are unfamiliar with the unbound magics found in Bloodstone Fen. Also unknown is the power that Aurene possesses to combat the elder dragons. Only time will tell on both of those.

Furthermore, Mike O’Brien, president of ArenaNet, went on the forums a few days ago to address a few fan concerns about this new episode.

“This release will include the promised fix to AB multi-looting. The fix is simple: you can loot each of the great and grand chests once each time you complete the meta, once per map cycle.”

“This release won’t include legendary armor. We’re getting close to completion, though, and may be able to ship legendary armor with the Ep5 release.”

ArenaNet Boons

Up until February 8th, ArenaNet has made the decision to offer 50% off the Heart of Thorns expansion so that new heroes can stand against the evils that threaten Tyria. New players will receive a free level 80 character of their choosing to join in the battle! So take advantage of this offer while you can!

Also, on the release of the new episode, members of the development team will be active on the subreddit answering your burning questions and celebrating the next installment! Make sure to join them!

Decision Time

When the time comes will you be making a stand to save Divinity’s Reach or will you sit back and watch the fires burn?

Heed the line from the trailer: “This is the day you will look back and say I made a stand or I did nothing.”

Until next time Tyrians.


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