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‘Guild Wars 2’ Updates: PVP Changes And “Wintersday”

Welcome to the wonderful world of “Tyria” where regular updates happen in Guild Wars 2, like a revamped PVP system. On December 13th not only are players receiving the new update, they are also getting the “Wintersday” event all in one! We’re going to break them both down in one shot.

PVP Changes

Season 5 for the PVP league in Guild Wars 2 is launching Tuesday December 13th, the previous PVP system was based on “pips” – a way to level through the ranks. Its purpose was to normalize the playing field, but had less than favorable results. Thus, a new system would allow for more suitable matches based on skill level. Even the rewards will be much more consistent, which was a common gripe of PVP players. It will be broken into categories like bronze, silver, and gold like other competitive games, and will be determined by placement matches. In no way is it an innovative system but using a match-making rating has become the norm in a multitude of games. It also means that there will no longer be ranked arenas with insanely powerful pre-made groups.


The new PVP screen – Credit to ArenaNet


Also included in the new PVP system is the introduction to “Decay”. The old “pip” based system didn’t have the same type of decay, often causing people to lose entire divisions because of inactivity. And even loses still gained experience towards the next reward tier, creating a non-incentive to win. As a result, ArenaNet has included a new currency which will allow the purchase of ascended weapons or even a new armor set! This suddenly creates a real incentive.

There are a few other changes which can be found on the official website or watch this video for more details.

Wintersday Events

If PVP is not your style, then engage in the Wintersday fun! There will be gifts, Donation Skritt, Toypocalypse, Tyrians singing, snowball fighting, and the Wintersday jumping puzzle! All of this releases December 13th and can be found in Divinity’s Reach.

The Donation Skritt has three tiers of donations to help the needy children of Tyria have a good holiday season. It’s an easy way to get free achievement points.

Toypocalypse is an instance where players set up cannons and snowmen to protect the gift, Dolyaks. After fighting waves of enemies, a boss named Toxx appears. Eventually, players defeat the boss once his minions are destroyed.

Next is the Choir Bells event. Aptly named, a player’s objective is to successfully complete the songs. In a picture below, the colored lines are where the ‘notes’ will come down. It’s best to do this event with the camera facing top down since it’s easier to see.

PVP is not fun unless players are throwing snowballs at each other. The objective is to reach 500 points before the other team. There are three different types of abilities, so try them all!

Lastly, there is the jumping puzzle, a cruel mistress if the kids aren’t being good. Players suffer from a frostbite debuff while platforms crumble underneath you. You’ll get your gifts at the end.

Take a look at some of the amazing screenshots below from last year, this year will be just as fun.


ArenaNet has certainly brought their A-game by listening to player feedback to improve the game. Tyrians are excited about the PVP updates but for more details, take a look at the official page. Also, make sure to dress warm for the Wintersday event, play safe this holiday season, and don’t be defeated by frostbite! Plus, there’s plenty of Eggnog and Apple Cider to carry you through the bitter cold.

Here’s a Wintersday Parody song for you to get into the spirit. Until next time.


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