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It’s already been one year since the official release of Heroes of the Storm on June 2 of 2015. For its anniversary, Blizzard is offering various gifts and deals to players. Since June 2015, the Nexus has welcomed fifteen new heroes, four battlegrounds, a lot of skins and mounts with more to come.

In-Game Events

There are a few gifts waiting for players in the Heroes of the Storm. A special in-game portrait and 50% bonus XP will be available to players from June 2 -14. Also a new First Anniversary Bundle will appear in the shop which includes: Arthas, Sgt.Hammer, Lt.Morales, Uther, Xul, Butcher, Kerrigan, Artanis, Tyrael’s Charger mount and a seven day stimpack!
The Heroes of the Storm first anniversary portrait

Store Discount

From June 2-19, players will be able to get a 15% discount on all Heroes of the Storm merchandise with the code HOTS15 (used at checkout). Also it will be possible to buy all four of the NECA Heroes of the Storm Action Figures for the price of three.
NECA Heroes of the Storm Action Figures

Hell Billie Mount

The Hell Billie mount is also now officially available! Every player can unlock it by making any real-money transaction. If you did not get Billie the kid yet, it is not too late as it will still obtainable until June 14.


Some of us have had the chance to be a part of this game since the Alpha, while others have been experiencing it since the Beta. The community has grown a tremendous amount in the past year. Here is a small list of the many events, tournaments and changes through the first year of the game!

  • Fifteen new heroes – Chromie and Medivh being the most recent
  • Ranked Play Revamps, with a bans and a whole new system on the way
  • Tracer was introduced as the very first Overwatch hero in the game
  • Many heroes had interesting reworks (Gazlow, Arthas, Anub’arak to name a few)
  • Heroes of the Dorm 2016
  • Blizzcon 2015 Championship
  • The Recuit a Friend option was added in the game
  • Cho’Gall was the first (and only) Hero introduced with a two-players on one hero mechanic
  • The hunted mines were removed from Quick Match (we still can’t tell if it will ever return), while Sky Temple and the most recent maps were added
  • There is still an Arena Mode and an Unranked Draft mode in the making
  • The Eternal Conflict (Diablo Event!)
  • the Ultimate FanArt Contest
  • We have seen 2 Billie mounts and it’s time to say good-bye to Billie the Kid to welcome Hell Billie

the two billie mounts in heroes of the storm at the moment: Billie the Kid and Hell Billie


Looking Forward

This was a great year for the game development, but right now, players are looking towards the game’s future. Many still ask for another cross-game related event like the Diablo one (The Eternal Conflict). Almost all of us are wondering: Illidan’s Charger, what was it meant to be? Also, will the Haunted Mines be back in Quick Match eventually? What about the Arena Mode? Who will be the next Hero ? (We need more supports!).

We look forward to more releases and reveals in the upcoming year

Happy first anniversary Heroes!

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