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Put on your party shoes Hearthstone players, you’ve been invited for a one night party of epic, magical proportions. The newest Hearthstone adventure, One Night in Karazhan, is arriving with 45 new cards and 13 boss battles spread across 4 wings and a prologue mission to start the party, which guarantees everyone two cards.

One Night In Karazhan is a re-imagining of what Karazhan would of been like when it would of had real people in it, using its lavish banquet halls and stages for extravagant parties and feasts. Medivh is the majestic and magical host for the evening, but he has gone missing! Along with that, all of the spells and enchantments he has cast has gone haywire with his disappearance. You’ll be invited to the festivities an hour early to help find Medivh, calm his spells, and save the evening!

In addition to adding 45 new cards and a funky fresh new adventure, One night in Karazhan will also be coming with a new game board and launching with a new card back if you purchase the whole adventure for $20 USD the first week it is out.bottomimg

Be prepared because this magical party will be lighting up Hearthstone in two weeks on August 11th.


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