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Greetings, adventurers! Welcome to the final patch for Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. These notes will cover patch 3.56 in The Far Edge of Fate story. Rally up your Free Company and get ready to farm, because this update includes uncapped drops from the Alexander Creator raid tier. The main story quest also comes to a rousing finish in preparation for the next expansion, Stormblood.

Playable Content

The Main Scenario’s Curtain Call!

The last chapter of Heavensward comes to a close in patch 3.56. To start the quest line, head to The Rising Stones (shocking, to be sure) and speak with Alisaie. Players will need to have completed the quest “Louisoix’s Finest Student” before they can continue the story. Enjoy the final moments of Heavensward!

Garo Gear!

Garo gear can now be bought for MGP at the Gold Saucer. They are still available for purchase from the Feast. Garo gear purchased with MGP cannot be dyed.

New Music!

Even more orchestration rolls have been added to the game. Make sure you are friends with resourceful crafters.

Battle System

Alexander is Uncapped!

The highest available raid tier, Alexander: the Creator has had its weekly loot limit removed.

What this means:

  • Every time a savage fight is cleared, two chests will drop for every instance. No more waiting for a weekly clear for your alts!
  • All levels of Creator are available, so if players want to skip A9 and go right to A12, now they can without clearing all the prerequisite instances.
  • Alexander: the Creator will now be available in the Duty Finder menu, not the Raid Finder one!
  • The Echo will be active during each Creator fight, which gives the party a 10% buff to their core stats. This is a flat buff, and will not increase to a cap if the party dies during a fight like other instances. If the party chooses, they can deactivate this buff to experience each Creator fight like a true OG raid group.

Gather Up, Ye Shire Warriors!

The weekly cap for Tomestones of Scripture has increased from 450 to 900. Gear up those alts, but keep in mind that the overall maximum of 2,000 scripture has not changed.

Zurvan: The Salt Continues (But More Birds)!

The drop rate for the Demonic Lanner Whistle has been increased. Keep an eye on Party Finder for ilvl 270 groups with a ‘skip soar or disband’ and get that bird. Stay away from lootmaster parties though, those are usually a trap. If you have done the necessary grinding, you can buy the bird outright for 99 totems. Good luck!

PvP Adjustments!

  • White Mage has had their damage reduction changed from 40% to 30% when using Sacred Prism.
  • Machinist’s “Between the Eyes” action has had its potency changed from 3 to 2.5 times normal damage to targets who are bound, stunned, or asleep.
  • Dark Knight and Ninja have increased damage bonuses.
  • Monks using Steel Peak may notice the stun duration has been decreased from 3 to 2 seconds.
  • During Steal Rock (Seize) and Fields of Glory (Shatter), the adrenaline gauge will no longer deplete when incapacitated.
  • Adrenaline kits now have a reduced adrenaline rush effect.
  • Wolf’s heart now restores less HP.
  • Season Four of the Feast begins with patch 3.56. The season will last until the maintenance period for early access for 4.0. The top players will receive special rewards depending on their rank once the season is over. Click here to see a list of last season’s winners and the rewards they received.


New items have been added in 3.56. For a complete list, keep an eye on Square’s website for more information.


Free Trial Period Extended!

The days remaining counter and the 14 day limit for trial accounts has been removed. This means that new players interested in playing Final Fantasy XIV can now take more time to explore as much as they can of Eorzea before committing to a subscription fee. See here for a list of restrictions when playing Final Fantasy XIV through a trial account for more details.

New achievements and titles have been added!

Swag out with the latest and greatest spoiler heavy-titles as you complete new content.

Gamepad/Controller Quality of Life!

When using the Duty Finder, players can cycle categories using LB (L1) and RB (R1).

When the list of parties in the Party Finder window is selected, pressing cancel will return the cursor to the most recently selected filter.

Resolved Issues

Here is a list of the resolved game issues that have been fixed by Square.

  • An issue wherein certain texts appeared incorrectly in the side story quest, “A Familial Resemblance”.
  • An issue wherein the reward was indicated as gil for the side story quest “Some Assembly Required”.
  • An issue in Frontline wherein damage received while riding a mount may not inflict “heavy”.
  • An issue in the Feast wherein the help text for “Wolf’s Heart Kit” was incorrect.
  • An issue wherein the item “Pair of Filibuster’s Gauntlets of Striking” was indicated as requiring leathercraft for repair, desynthesis, and glamour.
  • An issue wherein crests cannot be put on the item, “Zurvanite Shield”.
  • An issue wherein the item “Painting of Jijiroon’s Trading Post” was not included within the landscape list.
  • An issue during party search wherein selecting “Reset Criteria” may not change back to default settings.
  • An issue wherein certain content and duty status window information appeared incorrectly when queueing for an alliance raid.
  • An issue wherein queueing in the duty finder may cause the client to crash under certain conditions.

Known Issues

Error, Confirmed!

NPC graphics and effects are sometimes not appearing correctly in some cutscenes. Square is working on it!

Looking Ahead

After two years, Heavensward is coming to an end. Wrap up the MSQ, gather your materials, and stock up on gear, because the next major patch to Final Fantasy XIV will be the release of expansion 4.0, Stormblood. What are your goals before 4.0 hits? Let us know on Twitter or Discord!

Click here to review the complete list of notes on Square Enix’s website.

All images copyright Square Enix.

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