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Lock the doors and close the windows, because for the next three weeks the shadows rule and ghouls are a-plenty: it’s time for Halloween.

In a recent update, Overwatch introduced a new seasonal event for everyone’s favorite spooky holiday, Overwatch Halloween Terror!

Included in the new update are over 100 new treats for players to pick up during the event. There is no need to fret if the RNG Gods aren’t present with loot box drops–players are allowed to purchase their favorite spooky skin, victory pose, or sprays with their saved up stockpiles of gold at an increased price. Be warned that these new items will be returning to the grave on November 1st when the event ends.

newstuffspookyOverwatch’s first ever PvE Brawl rolls out in the update with a cast including the Alchemist (Ana), the Archer (Hanzo), the Gunslinger (McCree), and the Soldier (Soldier: 76) as they attempt to defend the castle of Adlersbrunn from the hordes of Junkenstein’s creations and the creepy characters that make an appearance.

junkenstiens-revengeTales of the past will be recounted and a mad scientist will try to take revenge in this new Brawl during the Halloween Terror. Following the story of Overwatch’s newest digital comic, Junkenstein vows to take revenge on the Lord of Adlersbrunn for mocking him and out-casting him.

heroesunitedWhile fighting off the hordes attacking Adlersbrunn and collecting new goodies to show off while trick or treatin’, players should keep an eye on Overwatch’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as it was hinted more wicked treats coming this way.

The new spooky update went live today, October 11th and players will have to brace against the terrors of the night until they return to where they came when the event ends on November 1st.

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