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Earlier today, Blizzard announced it’s long awaited new feature for Heroes of the Storm: Heroes Brawl. This new game mode had been in development already for more than a year. It was first announced during Blizzcon 2015 as an Arena mode and fans are waiting patiently for it. With Blizzcon 2016 in a month from now, Blizzard finally revealed it’s cinematic trailer as well as all the new options that will come in the game.
In a nutshell, Heroes Brawl is Heroes of the Storm, seen through the lens of delightful madness.
Heroes Brawl will feature three kinds of battlegrounds: standard maps with mutators, new arenas and single-lane maps.
arthas- Heroes Brawl
There are three new arena maps coming in Heroes of the Storm. In the “Punisher” arena, each team has to earn points by killing enemy heroes and punishers. The first team to hit 100 points will win the match. In the “Sky Temple” arena, players have to capture the temps to destroy the enemy cores like in the original Sky Temple battleground. The “Garden” arena will also work in a similar fashion of its original objectives. Players will have to kill the Garden Terrors and Shamblers to collect seeds. The team who collects 100 seeds wins! Pretty simple, right?

There is not a lot of information yet about mutators. Blizzard mentioned not wanting to spoil too much of what’s coming. What we know for sure is that there will be a number of modifiers to add new and unexpected quirks. These changes should change how the players will play Heroes of the Storm.
Unique Hero Selection
The Hero selection will also be quite unique to Heroes Brawl. In this mode, players will encounter three different ways of picking their Heroes. First, there will be a preset of Heroes to pick from for this specific match. Then there will also be a shuffle from a custom lineup or players can also end up having a completely random Hero.

Weekly Rewards

It was also mentioned that Heroes Brawl will give weekly rewards. These rewards will be gained after participating in three Brawls a week. They will include large sums of gold and unique prices.
reward Heroes Brawl
This is all coming soon but if the anticipation is killing you, play for free now.
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