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Welcoming a new hero to the Nexus, Xul the Necromancer comes from the Diablo universe. As a melee specialist, Xul arrives ready to do tons of siege damage, gain a lot of XP, and annoy the opposing team.

Bone Armor, Xul's 1 Ability, 3 bones surrounded by green light

Bone Armor, Xul’s 1 Ability

Having a 1-key action right from level one is a real game changer in Heroes of the Storm. Xul’s 1-key ability is Bone Shield which lets Xul gain a shield equal to 25% of his active health. Along with this, the level 1 talent builds off of it so the player can choose how to build Bone Shield from the beginning.

Raise Skeleton, Xul's Passive, an ultraviolet skeleton rises from the ground

Raise Skeleton, Xul’s Passive

Xul has an active trait that will spawn skeletal warriors to fight by his side from slayed minions. Gaining up to 4 warriors, this makes Xul a great lane pusher if needed. Though these warriors have low active time in which they are alive, they tend to die before the end of the 15 seconds.


A ghostly green Spectral Scythe icon,, Xul's Q Ability

Spectral Scythe, Xul’s Q Ability

With his Q ability, Spectral Scythe, Xul can throw a scythe that does damage to enemies as it returns to Xul. This can be cast in any direction, making it perfect for heroes chasing you, or to just get some extra farm. With the level 4 talent, players can also choose to increase the range which is very beneficial when trying to just soak lanes and earn experience.


Cursed Strikes, Xul's W Ability

Cursed Strikes, Xul’s W Ability

Xul’s W, Cursed Strikes, increase the damage and area of his basic attacks while also reducing the attack speed of enemies hit, making Xul a really good hero to get the team out of team fights. This ability is yet another great way to earn XP and soak lanes in the process without having to worry too much about enemy heroes, unless they come in for a gank.


Bone Prison, Xul's E Ability

Bone Prison, Xul’s E Ability

Just like Nazeebo, Xul has a circular stun that can make enemies immobile for 2 seconds with his E ability, Bone Prison. However, unlike Nazeebo, Xul may cast this directly onto an enemy hero and lock them down. This becomes very useful in team fights where you can lock down the healer or the squishy hero on the team. Placing Xul’s Bone Prison could mean the difference between a team wipe or getting the objective at hand.

Poison Nova, Xul's 1st R Ability

Poison Nova, Xul’s 1st R Ability

While having two really strong heroic abilities, Xul’s first R ability is Poison Nova. Poison Nova sends out a huge AoE (Area of Effect, circular) attack that does massive amounts of poison damage to a large area. If placed correctly, Xul can take out an enemy team that is on their last leg.



Skeletal Mages, Xul's 2nd R Ability

Skeletal Mages, Xul’s 2nd R Ability

Xul’s other R ability is Skeletal Mages. With this ability Xul can place 4 stationary mages in a row, much like the Tassadar wall, that does damage to enemy heroes while also giving them a small space to creep on through. While both heroic abilities are viable, the most diverse (meaning more opportunities) would be the Poison Nova especially going into quick match.

Xul is now available for 15,000 gold or you can purchase the bundle which comes with Xul, the Serpent King Xul skin, and the Cloud Serpent mount for just over $20. Worth it? Totally.


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