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Chromie is a new Hero now available in Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm. Don’t let this cute little character deceive you. She is in fact a Bronze Dragon from the Warcraft universe, who took the form of a Gnome by using her magic. Like most of her kind, Chromie has the ability to bend time to slow down her enemies before unleashing her devastating attacks.

This new Hero is a unique ranged assassin. Her damaging abilities have one of the best ranges in the game, allowing her to burst down unsuspecting enemies from afar. Chromie

Analysis of Abilities

Heroic Trait:



Chromie’s mastery over time allows her to get talents one level earlier than any other character. This is an all around great Trait, especially helpful at level 9 and 19 since you will be the only once with access to those powerful perks.


Primary Abilities:


Sand Blast (Q)

This is her main damaging ability. 1 second after activation, Chromie fires a very long range blast that deals an impressive amount of damage to the target. This ability can only hit enemy heroes, so hiding behind minions is not an option for your opponent. Prediction is key to land this tricky ability.



Dragon’s Breath (W)

Just like Sand Blast, Dragon’s Breath has a delay upon using the ability. After 1.5 seconds, a blast lands in an area, dealing damage to anything inside the zone of effect. The opponents have no way of knowing where it is going to fall, so a good Chromie player will be able to trick his enemy into the ability.


chromie_timeTrapTime Trap (E)

This is Chromie’s main escape tool. 2 seconds after placing this trap, it becomes invisible. The first enemy to touch it will be put into stasis for 2 seconds (this effect is similar to Zeratul’s Void Prison). A clever player will use it to avoid getting ganked from the side. Note that only 1 trap can exist at once, although you can choose a talent at level 20 to increase this limit to 3.


Heroic Abilities:

chromie_slowingSandsSlowing Sands

This ability slows any opponent in an area for an unlimited time at the cost of 4 mana per second. Unfortunately this ability cannot be used as last second escape tool as the slow is pretty minimal at first and reaches 50% after 5 seconds. You can also use this to gain vision on important objectives without putting yourself at risk.


chromie_temporalLoopTemporal Loop

This is the most unusual of the two abilities, but it can be very effective in some situations. Target an enemy hero, after 3 seconds, they will teleport back to the location where Temporal Loop was originally cast. This is a great tool to escape from melee heroes such as Butcher or Greymane, as well as many others.


Match up Predictions:

Good Against: Sgt. Hammer, Malfurion, Azmodan, Butcher, Abathur

Sgt. Hammer and Azmodan are both in a very bad position against our Gnome friend. Both heroes lack the mobility to avoid her artillery strikes, leaving them open to attacks. Malfurion is a damage over time healer, which is not as effective against Chromie’s high burst potential. At first glance, Butcher might look like a good choice, but this high risk character is easily stopped by a clever use of Temporal Loop or even Time Trap. Lastly, Abathur might think itself safe behind the cover of his walls. Unfortunately for him, this is not an issue for Chromie’s Dragon Breath . Temporal Loop can also stop the Zerg strategist as he is digging to escape.

Weak Against: Stitches, Tracer, Zeratul, Greymane

While her damage is impressive, Chomie’s escape options are fairly limited, especially if she doesn’t have any Time Traps around. Stitches’ hook is almost a guaranteed kill, so it is best to stay hidden behind your teammates. Tracer is the most mobile hero in the game, so it is best to aim for other heroes and hope your team will defend you properly against her. Zeratul and Greymane are both very hard to get rid of. Since Chromie as no access to stuns, your only option is a strategically placed Time Trap or Slowing Sands.


Chromie is in a unique place is Heroes of the Storm. Her very high range and impressive burst can be a nightmare for some team compositions, but she might have a hard time dealing damage to a very mobile team. Try to avoid picking her in Hero League if your opponents have a fairly mobile team.

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