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Starting this week, players will be able to receive an exclusive Officer D.Va skin for use in Overwatch only if they participate in Heroes of the Storm with some friends during this Nexus 2.0 Challenge.

D.Va is joining the Heroes of the Storm roster. Not only does she look adorable but from the looks of it, her skin means nothing but police business.


In addition, this new challenge will give players a chance to grab the Oni Genji skin which was exclusively available during the first challenge.

The Nexus Challenge 2.0

For our dedicated Overwatch players out there, this is a great chance to grab a couple awesome skins when you play with a friend. Over the next four weeks, players can unlock a series of prizes, win or lose.

Week 1

5 games with a friend gets you both the Oni Genji skin in Overwatch and the Orochi Hovercycle Mount in Heroes, plus sprays, banners and a portrait.

Week 2

5 games with a friend gets you both the Officer D.Va skin in Overwatch and the Busan Police Hovercycle mount in Heroes.

Week 3

5 games with a friend gets you both D.Va sprays and portraits in each game, plus the Overwatch Nexagon mount in Heroes.

Week 4

5 games with a friend gets you 10 Loot Boxes in Overwatch and 10 Loot Chests in Heroes.

Get all the loot you can by May 22nd. It’s time to grab all of this sweet loot!

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