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Hand prints in the sand, gloom, a baby attached to some sort of ‘umbilical cord’ linked to a naked Norman Reedus is Hideo Kojima’s newest production announced at E3 on June 13th, Death Stranding. In an interview with Kojima on Geoff Keighley’s YouTube Gaming stream he said, “Death Stranding will have nothing to do with P.T.” The trailer says otherwise and as a fan of the now cancelled P.T. (playable Teaser) Silent Hills game, the gloom and terror of Death Stranding gave me flashbacks to P.T. Specifically, the baby and the umbilical in the bathroom sink crying.

Death Stranded

The main character for P.T. was to be played by Norman Reedus but with the cancellation of the game it’s nice to see Kojima and Reedus still wanted to give the fans something to chase. Surrounded by ‘death’ Reedus’ sobbing character holds a crying baby in his arms. Startled by the infant vanishing from his arms leaving nothing but what looks like a black oil on his hands, he turns to the ocean to see dead sea animals washed ashore and five ‘beings’ in the sky.

As we’re left with nothing to go off of, I can only fantasize about Death Stranding linking to P.T. Silent Hills in some way. It has to, will it? We can only hope.

Kojima himself is ecstatic to announce his latest project and success to the world after keeping this game under wraps for over a year.
Props to Norman Reedus!

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