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Earlier this year, Guerrilla Games released the highly anticipated Horizon Zero Dawn. In a PlayStation blog post, Guerrilla Games announced a new update, patch 1.30, which is currently available for download today. In this new update, players will get to enjoy some exciting additions for the game.

Horizon Zero Dawn | Update 1.30 Details | PS4

New Game+, two new trophies, a new difficulty level and more come to Horizon Zero Dawn today in update 1.30.Here's the details: http://play.st/2sJOobF

Posted by Sony PlayStation on Thursday, July 6, 2017

Patch 1.30 has fixed a number of progression, technical and gameplay issues. As with any other game update, patch 1.30 introduces two new features for Horizon Zero Dawn: New Game+ and an Ultra Hard difficulty.

New Game+

New Game+ will allow users to replay the game with their already-existing character progression from their previous saved game. Grinding for new gear can be a tedious task. But this new option will allow players to pick up where they left off and start anew at the same time.

New Game+ allows players to collect more XP. However, they will not exceed the level 50 cap.

Additional modification slots and updated weapons and outfits are also available. Therefore, the extra XP will certainly come in handy.

There are two more trophies with this patch to earn. You will receive one for completing the game in New Game+ and the other for finishing New Game+ on Ultra Hard mode.

Ultra Hard

While more challenging, this new difficulty also comes with its advantages. Few aspects of gameplay will receive enhancements for the player in this higher difficulty, including machine senses, behavior and more. Not to mention, players will not be able to adjust this difficulty to an easier challenge when playing New Game+.

The difficulty will be freely adjustable otherwise.

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