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Heroes of the Storm Patch 16.6 – Currently on the PTR
Heroes of the Storm will be releasing patch 16.6 very soon since all of these features are currently on the PTR. There are some big changes to Hero League and many reworks for some of our favorite characters. From a new map to hero balance changes, here’s what you should see soon in the Nexus!

General Changes

Heroes of the Storm DehakaThe first things that they announced last week were the Lost Cavern and Dehaka. Dehaka is currently available on the PTR for testing, and more details will be officially released by Blizzard soon.
A new option was added in-game to let you see your death recap. We will be able to access to a detailed recap of the most recent deaths at any time during the game in the score screen as a new stats button. There will also be a new AFK protection that will kick out inactive players early game much faster. Many heroes, abilities and options have received an art polish that you should notice soon after opening the game as well as 3 new bundles and Dehaka.
Blizzard has also announced that due to popular request they will add more customization for in-game controls and some changes to Hero League. There will now be both Basic and Advanced hotkey options in the setting menu, and players will be able to save hotkeys profiles to share them with others. This will allow players the chance to select Quick Cast for select abilities only.
heroes of the storm hotkeys

Hero League

Many things have been added to Hero League. When you enter a lobby, you will be greeted with the full art of the map that you will be playing on and a welcome message. This was meant to remove the confusion that some players had about the battleground that they were picking heroes for. Selecting a character will also be much easier with the new “Favorite” feature. Players will now be able to select their most played heroes in their profile via hero collection, which will appear first in your hero selection.

With so many heroes added since game release, it was about time they add the ability to ban, which will be added to Hero League and custom games. In custom games, you will have the ability to have no bans for a particular game, only one ban before the first picks, and two bans and mid bans (which is the form that we have seen in competitive matches already). A small but also important feature that was also added is a sound effect to warn players who only have 10 seconds left to pick a hero. With those features, they needed to change the Hero League requirements a little. Up until now, the requirements were to be at least level 30 with 10 heroes minimum. With this patch, there will not be a player level minimum needed for Hero League and if you team up with someone who has received penalties, they won’t be prevented from playing in this mode with you. The only regulation for Hero League is that a player will need to own at least 14 heroes at level 5 or more. These heroes can be the ones you purchased or the ones from the free rotation.
Heroes of the storm bans and favorites

We also noticed that the Haunted Mines is showed as the battleground in the screenshot. Could we be seeing this map again soon?

Hero Balances

For hero balance, big news is around the corner! Gall will now be able to use some abilities while in garden terror or dragon knight. Greymane has received a buff on Marked for the Kill while Jaina was slightly nerfed with the removal of bolt. Many other heroes will be getting some slight changes. However what we will be looking for will be the rework for Gazlow, Illidan, Kael’thas, Tychus and Sylvannas. The Heroes of the Storm dev team is always working toward balancing their heroes with the help of community feedback. This time they brought some interesting ideas for these heroes. Many people (myself included!) wished for a rework for Gazlow. He didn’t feel like he was really useful in team fights and we think that his additional damage will really help him get on the road. While they did not change his Deth Lazer like many expected, their choice is still very appealing. While charging his lazer, his turrets will now also cause each towers to shoot a Deth Lazer at level 20. This is something that we can’t wait to try out and we will invite you to do the same!
For all the details on these balance changes, hero bans and Dehaka, you can head to the Heroes of the Storm News. This is one of the biggest patches in a long time and we want to hear what you have to say!

All screenshots and videos are copyrights of Blizzard Entertainment and Heroes of the Storm. For the official post on above patch, visit the HoTS PTR Patch Notes.




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