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JRPGs are something of a trend we are seeing in indie games, going through the Steam store on a regular basis you are bound to see one crop up. The problem is most of these tend to be rushed or simply just made with a simple game editor with no thought put into it. Shadows of Adam by Something Classic Games is claiming to be the black sheep among that flock and stand out from the rest to give you that classic JRPG feel you once loved.

One of our heroes trudges through a gloomy swamp in 'Shadows of Adam'

Even 16-bit pixel graphics can look gloomy as ‘Shadows of Adam’ demonstrates

Details on Shadows of Adam

Minimum system requirements for Shadows of Adam

  • OS: Windows 7 or later
  • Processor: AMD E-350 or Intel i3 3220
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Radeon HD 6310
  • Storage: 750 MB available space

Note: If your PC runs Windows 7 and up I seriously doubt you will have an issue running this title!

'Shadows of Adam' has a classic JRPG UI for battling. Our party is taking on a party of theives in the woods!

Throwback to those classic JRPGs with turn-based mechanics as you battle your way through the world of ‘Shadows of Adam’

About Shadows of Adam

Shadows of Adam is a huge throwback to the classic ’90s JRPGs and certainly looks to be a great mixture of deep story along with gorgeous 16-bit graphics.

The player takes the role of the son and adopted daughter of a legendary hero who mysteriously goes missing from the village of Adam. It is the players job to find out the dark secret our hero left behind, battling vicious Cthulhu-like monsters, dragons and many more deadly foes as your party travels across the world in search of answers.

Shadows of Adam is promising to give us gamers a novel and thrilling experience whilst staying true to classic JRPG mechanics like turn-based battles and character customization and party management. It also includes a completely original soundtrack with over 44 tracks that will help to immerse you into the game.

Something Classic Games forgoes the “spiffy new graphics” of today’s Unity and Unreal 4 engines so they can pour their heart and souls into a game that both they themselves and their testers can develop a game inside a genre they all truly love.  The title boasts 10-12 hours of gameplay time which is high for today’s gamers with most games averaging around the 8-10 hour mark.


Heroes are seen here fighting fierce and deadly enemies such as Dragons and undead creatures

Battle fierce Dragons and other deadly creatures in ‘Shadows of Adam’

Main Features of Shadows of Adam

  • 16-bit JRPG glory with a modern design
  • 10-12 hours of gameplay (12-14 if you never figure out how to run)
  • Delicious graphics (consume raw at your own risk)
  • A deep, character-driven story with lots of humor
  • Blazing fast battles that will set your pants on fire
  • No random battles. Monsters are on screen, waiting for you to thrash them!
  • Four playable heroes with unique skills
  • Save anywhere! (In case you get the sudden urge to start replaying Final Fantasy VI)
  • Inspired music you will find yourself humming twenty years from now

Perks of Shadows of Adam

Some of the perks listed here genuinely got us pumped for this game so we’ll list a few below for you that either peaked our interest or made us laugh.

  • Suplex dragons
  • Revel with clean freak pirates
  • Learn novel new swear words
  • Evade taxes at a booming black market
  • Run from the cabbage lady
  • Eat the mushroom sauce of a lunatic witch (with a fork)
  • Stomp through an old man’s house in the middle of the godforsaken night
A Cthulhu-like plant monster covered in thorns talks to our heroes.

You’ll meet Cthulhu-like plant monsters during your travels in ‘Shadows of Adam’

My Current Thoughts on Shadows of Adam

I’ve played my fair share of JRPGs over the years (mostly the Final Fantasy series) so to say I was quite excited to get a copy of the game to review is an understatement.  Actually I did a short preview myself back when Shadows of Adam was in its alpha stages and enjoyed it immensely so I’m super happy to see it finally release on steam and do well (currently as I write this the title is sat at “positive) on steam reviews.

I’m a huge lover of pixel graphics when they are done right and a sucker for a deep, rich storyline and with Something Classic Games claiming just such a thing, we’re stoked for Shadows of Adam and have a feeling we’re going to enjoy reviewing this title. Look out for that review coming soon!


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