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Early Wednesday, a short teaser was released for an upcoming champion to League of Legends. It confirmed that the voices heard around jungle camps this last PBE patch were indeed teasing a new champion, Ivern. The “Friend of the Forest” teaser treated us to a few visual displays of his power. Powerful magic abilities – entangling a spear man and even concealing a wolf camp in bushes, but are these actual abilities or just aesthetic?


I’d personally like to see these seven abilities appear on Ivern’s kit…


Passive: Bond of Branches

It would only make sense that the “Friend of the Forest” would not want to hurt the jungle camps. So in light of that decision, Ivern does not gain experience from killing jungle camps. In fact, he cannot even target them. When Ivern is in the proximity of a camp, he channels for 11/7.5/4 seconds (scaling with level of ultimate) and gains experience at the end of the channel. On a successful channel after level 6, Ivern will gain the most recently channeled large jungle creep  as a familiar, which will do different things depending on the jungle creep the bond is with. After a jungle camp has been bonded with, they disappear and have the same respawn time as any jungler who would clear them.

W (Passive): Hollow Space

Perhaps a bit similar to Malphite’s Passive, Ivern could use that tough exterior to tank a bit of extra damage. Perhaps scaling with a percentage of his maximum HP. However, as a passive ability he could also be punished severely for overextending during long cooldowns.

Ivern would gain 35% of his maximum health as a shield when the ability is on cooldown, however the cooldown is 45/40/35/30/25

Q: Entangle

In the teaser for Ivern, we saw him bind an enemy in tree roots causing them unable to move, so it’s only fitting if he has a stun, root, or disable of the same nature. Being able to stick to targets during ganks would help cement this champion as the newest addition to the “Best in Jungle” club.

The stun/root/disable would last for 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds and would do 80/120/160/200/240 damage per skill level, plus 5% of maximum AP available converted into damage.

Q: Ingrain

While definitely more human-like than the Rift’s previous tree champ, Maokai, there’s still enough bark on Ivern to warrant some tree-like abilities. With the ability to Ingrain some of those roots into the ground (or perhaps enemy champions) for a decent chunk of health, he may just have the sustain to make it in the field.

The ability would be an area of effect drain, slowing the champion and healing Ivern both by 10%/20%/30%/40%/50% per skill level. If the enemy champion walks out of the range, they are silenced for one second.

W: Blighted Thorn

With this gap closer, Ivern and his familiar could stay on target while still doing some damage, since trees are not the most mobile things in the world. Shooting a thorny vine in one direction, Ivern would be drawn to that location at the end of the spell duration. If the vine hits an enemy champion or minion, Ivern would be drawn  to that spot as soon as the connection is made.

Blighted Thorn would deal damage to creatures hit at 40/60/80/100/120 per skill level plus 5% maximum AP. If Ivern hits a target, and slams into another target on the way to that location, the hit target is stunned for 1 second.

E: Tree Stride

In the teaser Ivern was shown to create a jungle bush via magic. So it’s only fitting that this Ability exists. Actively, Ivern would create a bush in an area for 3/5/7/9/11 seconds, granting him invisibility while inside of the bush, and increasing his movement speed by 15%/20%/25%/30%/35% per skill level.

E: Tree Stride

Unoriginal, I know but with the bush appearing in the teaser, It can’t be left out of the kit! So with this ability, Every bush placed would be permanent, but only three could be placed at one time. Ivern would still be granted invisibility while he hid in the bush, and at the same rate per skill level. The bushes would also provide vision in that area as long as they were still active. They can however be destroyed by placing a ward inside of them, or if he places another bush down. The first of the three bushes to have been put down will be replaced with the new iteration.


R: Friends of the Forest

As mentioned in his Passive, Ivern does not harm the forest creeps. He instead bonds them to him upon leveling up and receiving his ult. Upon receiving his ultimate, he gains the ability to bond with a forest creature every so often. The cooldown consists of 90/60/30 seconds per skill level after he dies and loses his buff.

Ivern receives the following buffs upon bonding with each forest creature:

Wolf Bond: +75 gold and +303 EXP. Ivern attacks twice every time he attacks an enemy champion, at 150% current attack speed.

Krug Bond: +74 gold and +300 EXP. Ivern gains a 35%/45%/55% of maximum health shield. Also, every third attack of Ivern’s does 100/175/250 magic damage to the target.

Raptor Bond: +68 gold and +300 EXP. Ivern is given temporary vision on any champion that spots him or he attacks. Also, he gains 25%/35%/45% of his maximum movement speed.

Gromp Bond: +62 Gold and +300 EXP. Ivern’s basic attacks poison enemies, doing 5%/8%/11% of the targets health in residual poison damage once every 10/8/6 seconds. He also gains a temporary attack speed buff for 3/4/5 seconds after hitting or being hit by an enemy champion.

Blue/Red buffs: +76 gold and +300 EXP, but no other effect is given besides blue/red buff.

If you have any other ideas or suggestions for the new champion’s speculated build, sound off in the comments down below!


Image copyrights of Riot Games: League of Legends

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