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As Overwatch has reached ten million players, there have been speculations and rumors about important features in the game such as Competitive Play, upcoming heroes, maps, changes to different modes, and more.  Jeff Kaplan (Game Director of Overwatch) took to the Battle.net forums and gave Overwatch players a bolstering reply to the question “Where is Overwatch going?”

Competitive Play – Blizzard’s big focus right now is Competitive Play. When Competitive Play was rolled out it received a lot of amazing feedback but it was still not a polished to perfection. Blizzard has been testing this game mode around the clock to ensure that it will be stable for public release. Blizzard has said that they may seek out to the public for additional help by rolling out a Public Test Realm for Competitive Players.

New Heroes – Blizzard has been prototyping a variety of new heroes. Some of these heroes are in the early phase and some have been around for awhile. Jeff has mentioned that they’re not at a point to where they can openly discuss but the team is working diligently to trial out new concepts.

New Maps – A new map is in the production pipeline for Overwatch. It has gone through rigorous testing and will continue to until the team is confident for its release. The team is consistently prototyping and testing news maps but have been encountering minor problems that causes certain heroes to be at a disadvantage.

Spectator Mode – The community has offered a tremendous amount of feedback to the team in regards to spectator mode, Play of The Game and Highlights. While Blizzard is considering all of the options that have been submitted they do not have a current time frame for revision of the spectator mode.

Brawls and Fun Modes – The team feels as if they have not scratched the surface when it comes to Brawls.  Blizzard wants to give the  community even more options when it comes to Brawls and Fun Modes. Blizzard is also seeking to improve the core functionality of Custom Games so the community can enjoy Custom Games even more.

“This is a ton of work so would not be on the immediate horizon. But in our dream world, you could play Custom Games with 11 other people (friends or strangers) with fun rules in play and gain EXP while doing it… so yeah.”

Progression – Blizzard is wanting to give us even more customization options as you progress through your levels. There are some cool ideas floating around the campus such as multiple sprays and voice lines. These are minor and far off but nonetheless they’re considering them.

Socialization – Over time you will see enhancements to the social features of Overwatch. Blizzard plans to trickle these new features over multiple patches rather than bundling it into one huge feature. They currently have an endless list of features that want to improve for the community.

We cannot stress enough the game is best played with other people — it’s a team game.

Bugs and Cheaters – Blizzard is constantly squashing bugs that arise. This will always be an ongoing occurrence and will be addressed timely.

There is a large anti-cheat and anti-hack effort going on, but I can’t really discuss that (the first rule of fight club…).

Kaplan ends his post stating that some of this stuff may not happen and none of this information is concrete but the Overwatch development team is working to give the community the best game possible. Even though Kaplan is not making any promises it appears Blizzard is going in the correct direction with Overwatch’s future and we look forward to the upcoming changes.

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