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Amid the action of European LCS, Riot Games teased their newest champion. Kled heads straight for League of Legends with violence, laughter and a pretty big axe.


Kled: The Reunion (the aptly named teaser) gives us our first look at a brand new character fighting off a horde of armored soldiers. Equipped with a pistol and an axe the same size as him, Kled seems to be mowing down every enemy. He’s not alone though; A giant creature that looks like a mix of Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon and Ed from The Lion King is fighting with him. The two jump towards each other with delight as they reunite. (Told you it was aptly named)

Kled jumps towards his creature friend while bullet trails, arrows and chunks of dirty fly through the air around them.

We don’t know much about Kled so far but we can take a few guesses about his origins and maybe even his abilities.


Kled seems to be a Yordle. They’re the typically cuddly, quirky race that inhabit the south-eastern region of Valoran. Riot began a new style for Yordles when they revamped Tristana early in 2015. Since then, most new or updated yordles have had larger, pointier ears and less bunny or cat like facial features.

At first glance his outfit and weaponry seem akin to Bilgewater, the island to the east of Yordle Land. Champions like Gangplank and Miss Fortune hail from the pirate populated island. Some of Kled’s clothes do seem a little bit ornamental but combined with his rugged, scarred-eye look, it’s safe to guess he’s a little bit piratey.

The creature we see Kled reuniting with is a completely new creation from Riot. Legs like a raptor, feet like a chicken, tail like a lizard, two salamander-esque appendages from the back of it’s jaw and a saddle make up this best friend of Kled’s. Click below for a couple more stills of Kled’s friend and how strong they are.


I think we have another champion made up of two individuals. Kled might be joining the likes of Sejuani, Quinn, and a few others that have another creature assist them in battle. Perhaps Kled will ride the creature like Sejuani or maybe it will be closer to Annie or Fizz who summon something for their ultimate abilities.

With his weaponry, there’s a chance he could be like Gangplank. Kled might be a melee champion but uses his gun for ranged abilities. Only time will tell.

Kled stands on top of his creature friend holding his axe outwards. Behind him is a giant mountainous area that goes for miles. In front of them lay a few armored soldiers defeated by Kled and his friend.

Kled will be the first new champion for League of Legends since Taliyah in May and the first yordle since Gnar in August of 2014. Did the teaser get you excited for a new champion? Comment below or tweet @elo_talk with your thoughts on Kled!

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