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It’s that time of year again! Another new Hearthstone expansion is upon us and this time we’re delving into the icy and plague-ridden Northrend, home of the most infamous villain in all of World of Warcraft – Arthas, the Lich King. The new expansion is adding 135+ new cards to the game plus a new card type – the Hero Card.

These Hero Cards take the place of your main hero with added benefits and a special hero power. With this being a Northrend-themed expansion, all the hero cards are Death Knight themed or “what if the heroes died to Arthas and were resurrected” with that typical zany Hearthstone twist that we all love.

The Death Knight Hero Card for Jaina

Along with all the new cards, a free new Solo Adventure came with the expansion. Completing the prologue nets you a random Death Knight Hero card right off the bat, and the other tiers will get you packs for Knight of the Frozen Throne. The last two are unlocking in the next few weeks, but once we’re able to take on the Lich King himself, defeating him with all 9 heroes will reward you with a special Arthas hero for your Paladin. This was before he became the Lich King. Oh, Arthas, where did it go so wrong?


A new card mechanic has been introduced as well, Lifesteal. A similar mechanic has been on a few cards, albeit with a much longer wording. It essentially boils down to when a Lifesteal card does damage, it heals you for the amount of damage it did (whether it was attacked or did the attacking).

The new expansion is live right now! Time to embrace your dead side and scare up the pub with the power of the Lich King himself at your back.

Logging in now gets you 3 free packs and hopefully, you’re able to get more packs because of recent Hearthstone changes, your first 10 packs that you open will guarantee you a legendary card.

See you at the fireside, heroes!

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