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Capcom just announced another new character is making their way into Street Fighter 5. Kolin, who made her first appearance in Street Fighter 3 as an NPC, takes her spot as the second DLC fighter announced for season two of Street Fighter 5. Following the announcement of Akuma, Kolin adds to the excitement that already surrounds this season of the game.




Kolin’s fighting style is close range and combo heavy. She makes use of ice, giving her attacks an added punch.

Her V-Skill, Inside Slash, acts as a counter. It blocks an incoming attack and immediately punishes it with a counter-attack. She has a unique V-Trigger, Diamond Dust, as well. With this ability, Kolin gains an ice projectile by stomping the ground twice. This blast of ice not only hits for damage and stun but also freezes the enemy’s stun gauge as well. During the time that the gauge is frozen, the amount of stun the opponent has will not go down.

Her Critical Art causes her to dash forward and slice at the opponent with her hand. If it connects, she summons spears of ice, which rise from the ground and impale them.

Kolin is the second in a set of six fighters coming to Street Fighter 5 this year. With the new additions, Capcom seeks to add complexity to a competitive scene thriving off success from the recent Pro Tour.


Take a look at costumes available for Kolin. All costumes come included in the character pass with Kolin’s release.

Available Soon!

Kolin releases on February 28th, in the Season Two Character Pass for Street Fighter 5. The pass costs $29.99/€29.99/£24.99 and includes Akuma, Kolin and four more characters coming soon.

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