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Developer Minor Faction is a two man team out of Brooklyn, New York behind the addictive local multiplayer game, Cutthroat Gunboat. We had a chance to play the game and it was fun!

Cutthroat Gunboat premiered on August 11th and was in development for eight months. This amount of time was just enough for the game to be a hit at this year’s Play NYC event. With a constant line waiting to get your hands on some game play, Cutthroat Gunboat ended up being extremely fun and allows for up to four players to battle against each other on rough seas.

During the Play NYC event, we had a moment to speak with the developer behind the title, Boris Poleteav. In the midst of all the excitement, Poleteav explained Cutthroat Gunboat was inspired by sailing games like Sid Meier’s Pirates! and Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag. He continued, “I wanted the gameplay to have the same heavy feel as the single player games, but in couch multiplayer.”

Making its public premiere at Play NYC, Poleteav was astonished at just how positive the reactions were from visitors and fans, “This is my first game so it’s positively terrifying.”

Play NYC allowed for local New York developers and video game players alike to join under one roof to experience new games, for Poleteav this meant a few things. Play NYC being in New York meant Minor Faction didn’t have to trek to Boston for a convention. Also, the event plays such a crucial role in the community they could not pass on the opportunity.

With that, a few tweaks could be made. This event being one of the first indie game events in New York, there is always room for improvement.

“It is hugely important for New York City to have its own convention, and the crowds at Terminal 5 proved it! I personally was not a big fan of the venue, it was too vertical and people on the 3rd floor definitely had less traffic. For us to return next year we would want to see more press present at the event.” Poleteav explained. However, in agreement with Poleteav, the event was an absolute success and we imagine next year to be even bigger.

Dan Butchko, CEO and Founder of Playcrafting and Play NYC has already announced next years event and plans have already begun to make way.

Minor Faction is working on another project but are keeping any details hush-hush, we’ll keep you posted once we have further details to share in the future.

Cutthroat Gunboat is available now on Steam to download for $7.99 USD, go and buy it!

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