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Nintendo’s new Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was announced at E3 and I am very excited for this new game for a few reasons. 

Free Roaming – This new Zelda game places a lot of emphasis on hunting and gathering much like Skyrim and Monster Hunter. In the gameplay video below you can see how Link hunts wild animals and gathers items in the wild to cook. Instead of searching for heart pieces in jars like in previous Zelda games, in Breath of the Wild you hunt and gather to replenish health. And not to worry vegan folks, you can cook and survive by eating veggies. 

Unique – The game opens up showing Link awakening in what looks like sci fiction revival room. Upon waking up Link receives a Shiekah stone that resembles a smartphone or tablet possessing a very soothing voice.
This new approach to game aesthetics and representation of magic as technology was introduced a little bit in Twilight Princess and a lot more so Skyward Sword. I’m curious to see what other abilities and powers that will incorporate the new technology introduced in Breath of the Wild.  
Some visuals are fashioned after the cartoonish look of Wind Waker and the stamina meter is something players will recognize from Skyward sword.
Multiple Consoles – 
This game is going to be released on both the Nintendo Wii U and the Nintendo NX. We still don’t know much about the new Nintendo NX console and Nintendo has been very successful in keeping details about it from the public.

Great interactions – Some other cool mechanics and abilities to look forward to:

    1. Lighting stuff on fire.
    2. Change of weather and surviving different climates using creative means.
    3. Stopping time using an ability called stasis to get through obstacles.
    4. Combining ingredients to produce different meals and potions.
    5. Stealth attacks on enemies.
    6. Being able to be accompanied by and playing as the Wolf Link from Twilight Princess.
    7. Attention to detail such as taking damage when you kick open a chest without boots on.
    8. Shield surfing.

      “One thing we kept in mind is really allowing players to do things you can in the real world to affect the world within the game.” -Eiji Aonuma

If you’re curious to see more of the game do check out Nintendo’s video below.

Overall this looks like a very detailed and immersive game and I am looking forward to jumping back into the beautiful and mysterious realm of Hyrule once it releases.

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