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Years have passed and World of Warcraft has continued to reign supreme in the genre of MMO’s. While of course WoW has had its ups, downs and shortcomings to more modern games, everyone can still acknowledge its greatness it holds in the genre. However, just like with any other game, it started to show its age during Draenor.

Despite the promising launch of Warlords of Draenor, the previous expansion quickly became one of Blizzard’s biggest failures to date leaving WoW with a 14 month content drought. WoD’s Subscription rates dropped so low that Blizzard even stopped reporting them. Many players found that they can get many of Azeroth’s rewards without really even leaving their garrisons, leaving the world empty and dull – almost forcing antisocial playstyles with the exception of raiding and doing dungeons.

Blizzard has executed Legion so perfectly in my perspective that it feels as if this game is aging like a fine wine. Its been two weeks since launch and I have been making tons of new friends in the open world, in such a way that hasn’t been experienced since vanilla and even Burning Crusade. I have found myself immersed in the world and even seeing familiar faces throughout all of The Broken Isles as each zone is sprawling with both NPC’s and players.

I wanted to review these zones and leveling experiences with you! Legion changed leveling, allowing access to any zone at any level due to scaling. All zones will be scaled to your respective level, however you’ll have to pretty much quest throughout the whole content in order to get to level 110. Many changes happened with Legion and I feel as if its for the good of the game, it brought new meaning and depth to single character progression and experiencing the world in a while new perspective.

-I will not be writing about Suramar, I’ll be posting a guide and my review on it at a later date-




“Few places in Azeroth are as beautiful — or as perilous — as Highmountain. Its rugged slopes teem with wild beasts, roaring waterfalls, and breathtaking views. A vast network of caverns winds through the mountain’s heart, holding legendary treasures and secrets from Azeroth’s distant past.” – The Art of World of Warcraft: Legion , page 75

The Tauren tribes of Highmountain are the descendants of those that fought in the War of the Ancients, ones that have lived within and upon these mountains for a long time. Three major clans live in these mountains: Rivermain, skyhorn, and Bloomtotem. Here we learn about how these clans have lived in peace and harmony for many, many years however, the Drogbar rose up and stole one of their most ancient artifacts. This disturbance and reemergence of Drogbar’s have scarred the unity of these Tauren clans, giving the Drogbar an opportune moment to claim the territories as their own.

Highmountain, being my least favorite zone on this map is no doubt a beautifully constructed zone as I am one to love natural beauty and the magically colouring of nature. There is an awful amount of ground clutter to get stuck on, plus the mobs are so close together almost impossible to do a single pull. The quest chains are long, but the natural beauty of the zone, especially at night will leave you in a state of awe. I do like how they brought back harpies since its been awhile I’ve killed these annoying bird things, not to mention the one and only, Hemet Hesingwary.



Azsuna was once a gem of the night elf empire. Now much of it lies in ruins, a home for vengeful elven spirits and hidden enclaves of blue dragons. What remains of this haunted land has come under threat from conflict among Azeroth’s defenders, an army of serpentine naga, and the Burning Legion” – The Art of World of Warcraft: Legion, page 47

Queen Azshara’s pact with Sargeras was never fought against by her people, one however, Prince Farondis went against and defied her actions. As one of Azshara’s most trusted advisers, Farondis kept in contact with the Highborne, but his palace in Azsuna was so far away from the elven’s capital. Because of this distance, Farondis witnessed Sargeras’ influence on the Highborne without falling into the demonic temptation.

NAGA! Its been SO long since I’ve killed Naga. Right before Legion I was telling myself, “When was the last time I’ve killed a Naga?” Too long man, too $&#*ing long (its been since like, Cataclysm). While not my favorite zone, its in my top 2. The whole quest chain with Farondis is really interesting, its also nice one shotting stupid fish lizards. This was actually my first zone to level in during the midnight release. Here we are in a war zone with Naga, Demons, and Murlocs and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


“The vrykul — giants who preceded the human race — were forged by the keepers, servants of the titans, to safeguard Azeroth’s most valuable secrets. But the vrykul’s purpose ended a long, long time ago. Many of their descendants traveled to the Broken Isles in hopes of rejoining their creators and passing into a glorious afterlife. Stormheim is the crux of that hope… and it has been betrayed” – The Art of World of Warcraft: Legion, page 84

An interesting zone to say the least, but a great one none the less. Stormheim has character, ones who played Wrath of the Lich King will be left in a state of awe and overwhelming nostalgia. Stormheim has an uncanny resemblance to both Howling Fjord and Storm Peaks, giving a unique but very familiar feel. Mountains cascading among the point of view, while storms brew and lighting strikes throughout the zone. As you progress through you’ll notice a slight change in perspective, starting out stormy and oppressive, progressing into an autumn wonderland littered with golden trees and browning grass.
I haven’t found much lore involving this place but tells a very interesting story. Here we learn about the fate of Vrykul, the same ones that departed Northrend long ago to search for their holy land. We also get a little insight on the beef between Sylvanas and Greymane, the whole quest chain is amazing.


“There was once a place on Azeroth where nature was in perfect balance, a place so peaceful it might have been mistaken for the Emerald Dream. Druids sought enlightenment among the vibrant forests of Val’sharah for millennia, but now the region has fallen under the gaze of evil. A nightmare is spreading unchecked, and none are immune to its corruption.” – The Art of World of Warcraft: Legion, Page 67

By far my favorite zone, probably within the whole game. We asked for it and we got it, Emerald Nightmare is beginning to creep in on this sacred druidic ground. Intense battles clash between Nightmare and Druids all while happening within sacred Archdruids’ groves, we even get to visit Cenarius and his very own abode. You’ll find yourself getting lost within these beautiful tranquil groves, full of peace and serenity to be suddenly put straight into battle as red-nightmareish creatures start whaling on your face. The whole zone is gorgeous and stunning. quest chains are phenomenal and perfectly executed. Ysera, Malfurion, unknown whereabouts of Illidan, full of Night Elfs and Satyr, wisps around every corner! We are exposed to such beauty and SO MUCH INTENSE lore, which I will not even dare to speak of because its just that juicy!


Legion Review: The Broken Isles
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