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Warwick, the resident werewolf in League of Legends (LoL), will get a makeover. Riot Games teased the “Warwick: The Wrath of Zaun” trailer that showcases the wolf monster donning a new look. The high-quality cinematic displays a glimpse of Warwick’s vicious capabilities of tracking and hunting down his targets. Two victims run helplessly from the beast to no avail. I think the production values for this cinematic were truly top-notch caliber. Just stunning, incredible work.

Before this, Riot Games also teased the “Engineering the Nightmare” story that added further details for the werewolf’s altered character. In particular, the lore depicts a painful experiment changing Warwick with augmentations and injecting him with a mysterious serum.


You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

As one of the oldest champions in the entire game, Warwick has been long overdue for a redesign. Simply put, his ability kit is outdated and has not aged well within the current state of LoL. I still remember playing Warwick back in Season 1. He has mostly remained the same up to this point. Therefore, this remake will breathe some new life into the character.


Nostalgia aside, I think Riot Games transforming Warwick’s character in many facets will be a real boon for LoL as a whole. At the moment, many players consider this old dog lackluster in his current offerings. He does not fit that well in the current meta. Not to mention, he has struggled to find a place among fancier, modern designs.

When Riot Games finally reveals his new abilities, I hope they can maintain the concept of a feral, imposing hunter who strikes fear in his unsuspecting prey. But until then, marvel at the trailer, werewolf fans. Riot Games will unleash the beast soon enough.

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