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Lovely Planet Arcade is a first person shooter game with a cheery disposition. Everything is colorful, pleasant and very “Hello-Kitty-esque”. But don’t let looks deceive you as this game is as challenging as any other great FPS. The game is releasing on Steam today for Mac, PC and Linux. Dodge and shoot your way through the many levels inhabited by snowmen looking samurai shooting bombs and bullets your way.



Each level is cleared by eliminated the green snowmen in red hats as fast as possible and stars are awarded to faster level completion. This game is all about quick reflex, trial and error and learning to juggle the shooting skills learned in the game quickly.

For an FPS it is really simplified due to the fact that your aim is limited to the x-axis the stages seem to be very static and smaller in comparison. But it is called an arcade game and like any good arcade game your goal is to beat the previous high score and time. Have fun and enjoy the poofs and aftermath cute hearts as you eliminate your enemies with a sparkling long gun.

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