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Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 (MAA2) is the sequel to Playdom and Disney Interactive’s smash hit original Marvel: Avengers Alliance. Released on March 31st 2016, four years after its predecessor and just around the corner of Marvel’s movie blockbuster Captain America: Civil War, MAA 2 is a 3 vs. 3 turn-based tactical brawler based on the freemium model. I enjoyed playing the original series quite a bit so I figured I would give this one a try. One big difference you’ll see is it is no longer 2D animated like the original, but 3D as well you no longer control your own Shield agent.

Characters & Loot

MMA2 uses characters from the Marvel universe mainly focusing on the Avengers and recently the Guardian of the Galaxies. This year’s rendition starts you off with Hawkeye. From there you are able to collect and unlock 34 other playable heroes by opening superior power cells or through in game rewards in the various game modes. There are five different type of hero types/classes: Tacticians, Blasters, Scrappers, Bruisers, and Infiltrators. MMA2 uses a similar formula as the original Pokemon game mechanic where one type has advantage over another. You can distinguish the different classes by the colored symbols.


Gotta Catch em all!

Heroes are not the only loot that drops from power cells. You may also collect hero abilities and items called ISO’s which is the game’s equivalent of equipment. Each ISO gives you certain stat boost out of  to a set that can give your heroes additional talents. These stats consist of Health, Attack, Defense, Speed, Accuracy, and Evasion.



Hero Characters can level up to level 30, however there are 3 intervals where you will need materials and use research to get Level 10, 20,and 30. Unlocking levels not only allows you to upgrade your skills to become more powerful, but also gives you more ISO slots.


Some Heroes have alternate versions of themselves based on events.

Game Modes

Currently there are 2 different game modes: Missions and PVP. Missions consists of 3 different options: Scouting, Chapters and Spec Ops. Scouting takes you through a series of battles battles where the rewards you collect are specifically used for research on heroes when they reach the level up point. After the first level 10 tier you need specific scouting missions for the specific class. Chapters is the story mode of the game, where you battle through 6 missions each consisting of mini bosses and a final boss. Each mission can be played on Normal, Hard and Heroic which all scale by level. Each chapter consists of potential rewards that you need in order to find skills for your heroes or material to upgrade your heroes. Spec Ops is the “raid” like mode. These are similar to Chapters, however the difficulty and rewards are better.

Chapter Select

Chapter Mode

PVP is where you pit your team against other teams to move up the PVP rank levels where you can earn specific rewards. PVP seasons last a month and there is a featured hero you can win if you reach a certain rank. In this mode you can only bring 3 heroes to your team, so depending on the heroes and skills that your team has you may need to plan accordingly. Much like the first game, PVP is not actual multiplayer as the opponent is still controlled by the AI.

PvP Ranking Rewards

PvP Ranking Rewards


Overall as a Marvel and comics fan I enjoy the game. I currently play this and Hearthstone casually and the freemium aspect of the game is reasonable. I have not spent any money on it so far and have a great selection of heroes. Like most freemium games, they use the energy system. However, each mode has its own type of resource so it doesn’t make it too difficult if you play casually. They seem to consistently update content for Chapter and Spec Ops to keep it fresh. The collector in me really enjoys trying to get all the heroes.


You can use in game Gold to purchase Super Power Cells to unlock heroes and abilities. Gold is also earnable in game without having to pay a price.

There are a few gripes that I have about the game. Sometimes the game will crash and if you are in the middle of battle and you will lose the resource that you spent. I’m currently running this on a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and its hard to tell if this could be due to connection issues, but the reviews on their site showed other players had similar problems. I did also notice that there are a lot of characters missing that were from the original – most noticeably the X-Men. However, this years’ game theme seems to be the recently released Marvel movies and it’s something easily they can do to rectify, perhaps when the X-Men comes out later this year. The game is far from perfect but satisfies me for what I want it to do. There’s a bit of strategy, collecting and a whole lot of comic flavour. I would recommend any comic fan to give it a try. It is currently available on AppleStore, Google Play, Amazon and Microsoft.



Images and video are Copyright Marvel and Disney Interactive.


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