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Players, rejoice! Piranha Games bring us MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries – slated for launch in 2018! Of course, fans of the genre are supremely excited, so let’s take a gander at the information we have so far!

MechWarrior Roots

Back in the day, there was a little game named BattleTech, created by FASA Corporation. FASA Corporation specialized in wargames, board games and RPG’s. These were the guys who made the Shadowrun RPG and developed the original MechWarrior game for the MS-DOS in 1989.

Players chose a mech type, outfitted it with gear and battled against the other warring factions. Players could choose mechs like the Atlas or the Mad Cat. Weapons ranged from LRM’s (Long Range Missiles), lasers or even the ER PPC (Extended-Range Particle Projector Cannon). The goal of the game is to take out the opposing faction.


Credit to Piranha Games – Pre-Alpha Footage

Other Games

The same universe spawned games like MechCommander, a more strategy-centric title similar in style to XCOM and was a favorite. The franchise created a large enough fanbase to have a tabletop RPG called BattleTech. Therefore, players flocked to this style of tactical wargame in both video gaming and tabletop gaming.

The franchise even had its very own TV series! But this fame seemed to last only in the 80s as game companies started to produce other styles of games, leaving the franchise to crumble for 15 years.

Then a recent Kickstarter reached $2.7 million dollars from backers for the turn-based strategy game! BattleTech will have its own video game in the future. Despite this fact, Piranha Games have wanted to revitalize the MechWarrior franchise and are doing it in the Unreal Engine 4.

For pre-alpha footage, the new MechWarrior game looks promising. Take a look at the footage, which headlined at Mech_Con 2016 held in Vancouver, BC.


Credit to Piranha Games – Enemy destroyed!


Hopefully, MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries will renew the franchise to its former glory. So fans of the genre could not be happier. Without a doubt, the developers of Piranha Games will deliver because of their massive success with games like Shadowrun Returns and MechWarrior Online. Players, keep your ears to the ground and set your coordinates for extraction in 2018!


Let’s go, Piranha Games! Chief Mech Combat!

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