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Epic Games has decided to give the Paragon community one last present in 2016: Monolith.paragon-blog-monolith-systems-and-hero-rework-safelane_art_1-1920x1080-39f14ab35ee2056d8f600474c248d20a91257b27


Many of Monolith’s features can be found here, and the patch notes for the changes here (disclaimer – the notes are number heavy). Complete with a revamped jungle design, new mechanics like the Amber Link, and the all important jump pads, Monolith is now live and anyone can play!


A Bright Future

This new map is the product of many months of hard work from Epic Games and so far, it looks to have payed off. Shifting the meta game and providing an entirely new approach for the competitive scene has given the game new life. In addition, the map is going to take care of casual players, reducing match times and removing unpopular mechanics such as travel mode.


A New Year

Along with Monolith hype comes card crafting, although details have yet to be released on the full extent this new feature. Epic Games has a lot in store for the community, and there is undoubtedly more fresh content planned ahead, starting with the release of the new hero, Serath the fallen angel.

Paragon is a 3rd person MOBA from Epic Games. To try it, go to their website and download it for free. Make sure to follow the official Paragon blogs and stay tuned for more articles here on EloTalk!

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